Monday, January 13, 2014

flowers in the house, a blog hop!

Happy flowers in the house Monday friends! It's a pretty sad situation at Casa de Petix in the flower category right now, but it's winter. Whatcha gonna do.  I've got a table full of plants, none of which are currently... well flowering. Makes it a bit difficult to feature my "flowers in the house"! So here is what we have, The one mighty kalanchoe who is muscling through the winter and still blooming. Her blooms are a vibrant orangey pink that fade to a pale pink as they cycle through their life. Next up is a little cactus buddy. He's pretty, er... handsome? Nah, he's pretty. I have no idea what type of cactus he is or what he is called. I call him little cactus buddy. Down to my cut flowers. Pretty pastel pale pink, thingamabobs. You guys know what these are I'm sure, maybe you can tell me? I know Jane can, since I picked them up at her flower shop. For now I'll just call them pretties. And now.... the piece de resistance.... my table full of non-blooming bloomers. Well except for the newest resident Mr. Frosty Fern. He's a non-bloomer from Trader Joes. Moving right along, we've got the Christmas cactus that is 2 years old and has never bloomed. The kalanchoe which I bought in a teeny tiny 1 inch pot that grows up up up but decided it doesn't need no stinkin' flowers. The orchid which had blooms when I bought it, but now just has leaves and a stick. The leaves are growing bigger though, that means it's still alive right? Next up the african violet and the other african violet. Yeah, they aren't blooming either. And bringing the table to a close, two more non blooming kalanchoes. It's okay though, I'm just happy I've kept them all alive. I really have no idea what I'm doing, I just water them and hope for the best.Thanks for taking a moment to tour my flowers. Looking forward to seeing all the other Flowers in the house posts. And big thanks to Jane for coordinating us all again! Be sure to hop over to her blog and see what everyone else has in their homes: Small but Charmingxoxox kat