Thursday, August 25, 2011

DC fashion at Violet

Last night was another DCFABB meetup! Wheeeee!! This time around it was at a boutique in Adams Morgan called Violet Boutique. Heads up ladies, DANGER ZONE!! Super cute clothes and accessories at totally awesome prices. Seems everything there was less than $60! Aaaand it was all AWEsome!! So clearly I'm excited, how many exclamation points so far? Eight.

First up: The Shop...

Hellloooooo Mustard Yellow! So my favorite color right now.

Do we need to talk about this bag? Or can I just say "ohmagoshthisbag." I'm an Aztec Goddess.

More yellow and some pretty coral too, both super perfect hues for transition from summer to fall.

I want THIS!! wa.ha.haaaaant.

hello neon pink. i love you.

Now on to the ladies...

Cutie Patootie Gina of Tulle & Combat Boots

Hottie Alina of The Feast and TheHyperbalist

Katalina of The You Finder and Libby designer of Diament Jewelry.

Some shoes I was enamored with...

And maybe, just maybe my favorite moment of the entire night. Here's the play by play:

Alina is at the register checking out, but wait! 
Lacey calls to her, how could Alina have missed this tunic!?

Alina has a moment: "OMBRE!" "ONE SHOULDERED" are you kidding me!!!
Leggy Lacey: i know. for real. it's you.

Okay, I may have just put words in their mouths. Next time I'll make sure to have a tape recorder.
Err, I mean mp3 recorder. um, nevermind... 

Oooops! I've been caught. Put down that camera paparazzo!
And yes, that is an epic, amazing, super major neon green clutch. Lacey, I'm freakin out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carhenge, Nebraska

Back in June Mr.Husband and I took a road trip out to Colorado to visit his brother, our neices, and my super #1 sister in law. We took SO MANY photos, I'm still sorting through them all! Today I finally got to one of my favorite photo ops in our whole trip...

Carhenge is in Alliance, Nebraska and Mr.Husband was super stoked to check it out. So was I once we pulled up to their little parking lot. It was beauuuuutiful outside! The winds were blowing the tall grasses. The clouds were racing by; the lowering sun making an appearance and dipping behind the race again. It was a truly epic American countryside experience.

We got lucky and the gift shop we thought would be closed at 5 was actually still open! We ran in to get some postcards and a t-shirt and had a lovely chat with Erin, Carhenge expert. Okay, I don't know that that is officially her title, but that's what i am dubbing her as. We struck up a conversation when she commented on my bag...

One of my favorite vintage finds from our trip! 

She was super friendly and helped quell our growing fear of TORNADOS! You see, I have no idea what county is where in Nebraska, I just know I'm in Nebraska. So listening to the radio and having our music interrupted every 15 minutes with updates as to where the tornado is on the ground at that moment and what counties its headed toward is none too helpful.

First she cleared up what to do when your driving and you see a tornado, which was good cause heck if I knew what to do (you get outta your car and chill out in the closest ditch by the way) and second she assured us we didn't have to worry, they weren't right here right now. Whew!

If you ever road trip out that way, I highly recommend stopping by. It was cool to see, fun to take pictures of and Erin was super friendly and helpful! (Hi Erin!)

Tights: Hue via Macys (DC)
Wedges: BCBG courtesy Piperlime 

P.S. The Vintage Haberdashery was the BEST vintage shop in our whole trip. AMAAAzing finds there. And great prices to boot! I highly highly recommend stopping by if you are ever in the area.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

back to school

School is just about to begin, I can tell by vast amounts of mother daughter apt/dorm shopping in the neighborhood. Why are some girls so complain-y when their parents are buying them stuff? It weirds me out. Anywhay, here's to feeling scholarly... in Viv Westwood! 

Monday, August 22, 2011


Yes, I love a good wedge. I love wedges so very very much. Like A LOT... a lot a lot. lot. 
There are so so many fantabulous pairs on Solestruck right now, I'm kind of in "amazing wedge" overload. Here are my picks, 3 glitsy glams, 3 neon and 3 neutrals. Now comes the inevitable finance meeting to eliminate unnecessary costs this month to have money to buy these super ultra necessary wedges. First up, the 'Svan' then the 'Kip' maybe the 'Narcisco Glitter' next. I can live on PB&J sandwiches for a month, dontcha think?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

bad ass bumble bee

Juxtaposition. Ain't it just the best? I LOVE mixing hard and soft, tough and sweet. This cute mod top is super rad with these leather shorts and rocker accessories. Perfect ensemble for a cutie patootie badass bumble bee!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This shift dress is cute-tastic. The cutest of the cute. Cutie McCuterson. Boden makes tons of fab dresses for the office and always seems to sprinkle in a super cute shift here and there. Awesomesauce. Plus, while styling this dress I think I found the perfect camera bag! This jumbo satchel is oh so very ultra rad. ULTRA! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ooh La La!

I just finished watching Burlesque. Now I want to quit my job and wear fancy fringy costumes and shake what my mama gave me. Since that's pretty unlikely to come to fruition, here's some fun sexy and sweet lingerie.

Also, in case you didn't know Haute Boudoir is coming to DC! If you are curious and want a testimonial, feel free to contact me (i just looooove talking about how awesome it was!!) or contact Haute Boudoir direct. Kristen Hudson-Nichols is an AMAZING photographer, I can't recommend her enough!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Adventures in Dressing Rooms!

I love a shopping mall. All by myself. On a weekday. Glorious!

Here's what I tried on my last Forever21 play date...

I really liked this doll dress. Had to look myself straight in the eyes and question, "Katie. How many lace babydoll dresses do you need. Really. You have several already. Step awaaaaaaay from the dress."

Okay, so this dress. This dress I wanted. So prefect for transitioning from summer to fall. Typically though this F21 gem is micro short on my 6 foot frame. So Sad! 

Great print, right!?

Sweet Kimono inspired dress.

Aaaaaaand, for giggles. I knew in my heart that this was ridiculous, but I had hoped that it could translate 60's party girl with the right styling. It could, buuuuut, my buttttt was hanging out the back. Oh well.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

polka dot wrap

How cool is this vintage dress!? I just love it. From the ladylike 40's length to the wrap detail, and come on, how can anyone resist a giant polka dot print!? Lovely, lovely, lovely. Pair this gem up with a vintage hat and some cutie patootie high heels (first saw them HERE) and throw in a modern clutch so you don't look like you're wearing a costume. Ta Daaaa! Perfecto!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sucker for a clutch

Last month I hung out with a bunch of designers and fashion/beauty bloggers at Carbon, a boutique in DC offering upscale, high-quality, eco-friendly clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags. While meeting all these fab ladies was my priority, I couldn't resist finally breaking away from the conversations to go drool (i promise i didn't actually drool on the bags, just on myself) over these gah.hah.horgeous bags by Diamantina.

Diamantina was created from the partnership of two good friends, Luciana Gagliardi and Claudia Diamante, who share a passion for fashion and wanted to provide job opportunities to skilled men and women from their home country, Argentina. Behind Diamantina there is the legacy and support of a family-owned Argentine business, which for generations has specialized in producing and exporting genuine leather garments. Pretty cool, huh?

If you, like me, are a super sucker for a well made unique bag, you should really stop into Carbon and see their whole line. They really are beautiful and well crafted. Aaaaaand (i wish i took a picture) they have HOT PINK liners so you can easily see what's in your bag. So thoughtful!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Olney, Illinois

Yes, that is a white squirrel. Yes, that is Mr.Husband attempting to take it's picture.

According to the ranger in Olney, Illinois, "those squirrels are friendly and should come right up to you" I think maybe he's never met a DC squirrel. DC squirrels will come sit on your shoe, eat out of your hand, pose for tourists, play checkers with you on the sidewalk... These white squirrels, they wanted nothing to do with us. It was pretty awesome watching Mr.Husband play merry-go-round-the-tree trying to get a good closeup picture though. (Sorry for the grainy shot. Mr.Husband had the camera, so I had to way zoom on my cell phone)



Gone. Up to a nice tall tree not near us pesky tourists.
While they weren't the friendliest of squirrels, we were still pretty excited to see so many of these fluffy white beauties prancing around the park. And man oh man did they prance. Ever seen a Pepe le Pew cartoon? Know how he has that bouncing floaty kind of thing going on? These white squirrels looked!

Anywhay, it was rainy and a bit on the chilly side for June so forgive me my sweater and shoes...

Boyfriend Sweater - OldNavy (Virginia)
Mod Nautical Dress - ModCloth (web)
Me Too Flats - Off Broadway (Maryland)

It was going so well... but surrrriously, I can't help myself. I just goof off. Like all the time.

I know. That face. Like a freaking crazy woman.

And I raaaan, I ran so far awaaaaaay. I just raaaaaan. I ran all night and daaaaaay.

I couldn't get away.

What? I just love me some eighties music. Haha!

Happy Tuesday! 
xoxo kat