Tuesday, May 31, 2011

okay, back to bloggin...

Hiya Lovelies! I'm back! Ta Da!! Okay, so where's today's outfit? 
Well.... Here's the scoop. It's on my flash drive. At my house. *sigh* 
Buuuuuut it's ready to go so I will get it up later on tonight. 

I'm so sorry folks! I feel like such a scatterbrain. Cross my heart I'll try to focus better and be 100% back in action by tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with me! 

xoxo kat

Head to toe ModCloth

Sometimes it's hard to resist pulling together outfits that are themed or super matchy-matchy. I'm notorious for being a hardcore "matcher". I say go for it! Especially in this case. 
Flowerrrrrrr Powerrrrrrr!
I love this Bettie Page dress, great length, whimsical print, and hello! it's belted with a full skirt!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

at the beach!

Hi guys! Just a quick hello from the shore. I'm without a computer today and tomorrow but if you are desperate for content, feel free to check out my twitter! @katiepetix aaaaand you could always check out some of my friends over in the righthand sidebar. I'll be back posting in full effect next week, thanks for being patient with me this week. I think the cool ocean breeze is doing wonders, I already feel rejuvenated and we've only been here 4 hours! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Xoxo kat
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

meet me at the beach!

No really, come to the beach tomorrow, Thursday May 26 2011, and meet me at Peppers! Mr.Husband will be DJing The Cure and The Smiths. Perfect for dance-age. Details HERE

and now, today's walk to work...

Todays walk was aaaahhhhhhmazing. I decided to listen to The Monkees. Best decision ever. All was lovely until I was almost creamed by a car. Okay, it wasn't that close,  but close enough that I was peeved they didn't slow down so I punched their trunk. Cause I'm badass. Turns out though all that does is give you a sore fist. I don't recommend it.

See you tomorrow? YES! See you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gardens and Ice Cream

That's my garden.

And this, this is my neighbors garden laughing at how tiny my garden is. I wish there was a way to convey via blogging how AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHmazing these roses smell.

I intended to take a picture of my cone before I took a bite, I couldn't wait. Sorry.

choc-o-late jimmiieeeeees

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm pooped.

Hi lovelies. I'm pooped. Please forgive me for not posting Friday and for being a little bit slackadasical this week too. Sometimes I just need a mini vacation, ya know? Plus I've got one ear thats all clogged up so now I really can't hear (I can barely hear to begin with!) and I've been rockin a pretty constant headache. Fear not, I'll be off to the doc's to get the ear taken care of tomorrow morning (me? wake up extra early to go to a doctor? well, that's the plan...) which will hopefully cheer me up and get me back on blogging track. For now I give you some photos to enjoy!

Best changepurse ever!! 

The only picture I took of what I wore to Nele's graduation party. 
Here's hoping her dad got some good shots!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, right?

xoxo!! kat

Thursday, May 19, 2011

adventures in dressing rooms

This edition of "Aaaadventuuuuures in dressinnnnng roooooooooms!!!" started at H&M. I wasn't going to try anything on. Nope, just there to pick up a shirt for Mr.Husband. Don't even need to go over to that side of the store... That is until I saw a three tiered dress near the register for only $19.99 (say what!?) So I figured, if I'm going to try that dress on, I might as well pick up some other stuff and meet the limit for garments allowed in the dressing room...

First up, NEON PINK! I have a rather unreasonable affinity for neon anything. I blame it on adolescence in the late 80's. I knew the dress would never fit right, I've got an average bust, tiny waist, and full hips, so anything straight is a no go. But, it's neon. So I tried it anyway. If you aren't a super hip-y gal, this dress would be super cute though, go try it out! Super!

Next up, the three tiered wonder and a dressing room secret. Okay, maybe it's not a secret, how about tip? Maybe it's something you all do already..... I digress... Bring a belt! I mean into the dressing room, not whip one out of your purse. Belts can work wonders on dresses, pants, skirts, and tops! As I feared this dress was just a little overwhelming, but with the belt, it's totally do-able. 

More fun with and without belts...

This dress! Oooooooh this dress..... You should go buy this dress. I didn't check the fiber content, but whatever synthetic or organic wonderfulness this is, is well, wonderful. Super silky feeling, maybe it is silk, but it's from H&M and only $34.99 so probably not. Who Cares! It's great. Sad for me, it was too big in the waist, too small in the butt. Oh well.

Bananaaaaaaaaaaaaas!  Caught my eye as I was walking out the door. Super cool fabric, kinda ugly dress. So I just give you the fabric. Ta da!

Even though I went to the mall just to return some stuff and pick up Mr.Husband's shirt, once I was in one dressing room, I couldn't just leave. It's a problem. So off to Macy's I went, where I found literally nothing to try on. What gives Macy's? They redeemed themselves with some cute socks to wear with heels though. Nice recovery.

Next up, Forever21! On the hanger I LOVED this top. On me, meh, it's okay. I really liked the color of these shorts, but they have a pleated front. I despise pleated front pants. But the color... still could not make me buy pleated front shorts.

Can you handle this!!! The girl who just a few months ago was terrified of shorts is wearing (GASP!) short shorts!!!!! I don't know what happened to me (and I'm so not gonna question it) but I feel really confident in my body right now. Maybe it's my new walking to work regiment? (yup, I just said I wasn't going to question it and followed it up with a question. just go with it katie!) I loved these shorts and I loved this top. Both came home with me. Watch out world! Short shorts!

This dress is really sweet. A little too big and too short simultaneously. Kinda made for a busty shorter lady who loves buttons and bows. 

I was in a good mood, which you should be whenever you go shopping. Bad mood shopping usually results in either a) spending WAY too much money on stuff you don't even need. or b) being really sad that things don't fit you just right. Like I said I was in a good mood so this just made me laugh. It's another sheath style dress so I picked up a medium so it would fit my hips. This just cracked me up, can you see how far out the armpits are!? I mean really this medium would fit a DDD cup! It had at least 5 extra inches in the bust. Calling all large breasted, narrow hipped readers, this dress is for you! Seriously, if that's your body type, you should go get this dress. I took a picture of the back which is really pretty with three buttons at the collar and a nice long keyhole. I took three pictures to be exact, just in case one was blurry and to have some options. Sad for you though, it turns out I just took three pictures of the dressing room curtain. Probably because I was laughing. Sorry! 

P.S. That is me trying not to laugh unsuccessfully. I don't normally look so goofy... well mostly. Okay, I often look that goofy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


If you've been a reader of my blog for a while I'm sure you've noticed, I'm totally obsessed with bows. And if you're new, heads up, i'm a freak for bows. Bows on shirts, bows on bags, bows on shoes... I just love 'em.

So this shirt? Divine. And, hellooooo! Lady bow tie. *sigh* I really like the color of these shorts. It's kind of a pastel mauve/lavender/khaki color. Pair 'em with a darling vintage blazer, adorable mustard bag with a giant bow, and some killer neutral wedges (of course!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

pale pastels

As spring creeps closer to summer, I'm feeling the urge to pack in as many soft pale pastels as I can. I super love the look of the soft accordian pleats on the dress and the airy loosely knit sweater.