Monday, June 27, 2011

Modcloth Pittsburgh Offices!

I'm back! Mr.Husband and I had a two beyond fantastic weeks on the road and we kicked it all off with a stop at the Modcloth Offices in Pittsburgh, PA. How cool is that!? 

The office is in a big warehouse, open and relaxed. Co-workers congregate at eachothers stations. Casual yet fashionable work attire was abound (duh!) I saw every style from rocker shiny leggings and band tees to girlie dresses and embellished shoes.

The offices to the left were at one point Susan and Eric's. In between the two is a dog door for Winston! How cute! Winston's on the west coast now with Susan, but there were plenty of other cute dogs in the office. As long as your dog is under 30lbs they are welcome. I found myself walking through the space and just thinking what a dream it would be to work there. And then, icing on the cake, behold a Starbucks coffee machine. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of it (doh!) maybe because I was just so shocked that such a thing existed! Beyond the offices was another open area housing the Mod Stylists. I kept my cool, but I really just wanted to grab a chair and style away! 
Hello Dream Job!

 Next up was the other side of the warehouse where the photography takes place. Computers, Cameras, Clothing, oh my! I wanted to try everything on and hop on a set.

I figured I might get kicked out if I actually did though, settled for posing with this cool shoe instead.

 Props for shoots!

This is Aire! She was super friendly and I can't say enough how much I appreciate her taking me around the space. I can't remember if I complimented her or not on her super skilled accessorizing... 

I asked Aire a bunch of questions, but the one that I wanted to share most with you all is,
"What direction will Modcloth's style be going in the future?"
I think it's interesting to see the company grow not only in size but grow up so to speak. I've been obsessed with online shopping for too many years to mention and Modcloth has been on my radar for about the last 4 years. I never put much thought into Modcloth's core demographic until recently when someone mentioned that the prices on the latest Be The Buyer choices were extreme and that maybe they were loosing site of said core demographic. I was like "Holy smokes, I'm not the core demographic?" (insert pint of icecream for being old woes here) Susan is younger than I am, but only by a few years, I never really considered that the customer base would be any different than me... Anyway, to the point, Aire said that the whole process is rather organic. Susan is the creative guide of the company, her tastes and style is ever evolving and so is Modcloth as a result. That being said, they try to maintain a broad spectrum of styles and prices.

I was thrilled to tour the office. A HUGE thank you goes out to Aire for taking time out of her day to show me around and answer my questions and listening to my endless chatter about how much I love Modcloth and dogs and the paint colors in their office and the Girlie Bird Gets the Dress!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fluevog Chicago

Today we arrived in Chicago! Glorious. Mr.Husband and I were standing in the lobby of Hard Rock Hotel waiting to check in and whaddaya know! In walks in Mike Fanuele with Fountains of Wayne! How funny that one of our best friends just happened to be in Chicago exactly when we were in exactly the same hotel at exactly the same time!? Oh serendipity. Anywhay, so we go up to our room and I open the blinds and... Police sirens, high rises, traffic! Rural america was really pretty, but truthfully it's really nice to be back in a city. 

So... Fluevog! Anytime we visit a city with a Fluevog store we always make a stop. Obviously I LOVE shopping online, but seeing things in person can change everything. Especially when your buying an investment/art piece like Fluevogs. Rebecca helped me in the shop today (and speaking of serendipitous coincidences she used to work at Commander Salamander in DC! Hi Rebecca!) 
I walked out the proud new owner of  a lovely pair of Goodalls! They're great. 
I kind of feel like I'm in some sort of Fluevogian gladiator army when I have them on. 
Beyond the awesomeness that is the Goodalls, I found 4 other things I kind of sort of must have. Okay, maybe that's a tad strong, but ya'll know how emotional I am about my Fluevogs 
(if not you can read about it HERE
So here's the scoop: I would have bought the Farrahs, but they didn't have my size in Mango, boo. Also not in my size, the Lancianos. You really should see these babies in person, the photo totally does them no justice. The Silvana clutch is so soft, and a super pretty pale blue. Plus it's big enough to fit a bunch of stuff in. Bonus! Finally, totally out of character for me I was having a really hard time resisting the Celyn boots. Maybe cause they make me think of being a 19 year old goth girl again. 
Maybe cause they're just awesome. Who knows. Either way they're super rad.
Go buy them. Do It! Glaaaaaaadiator!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

birds of a feather

dude, how cute is this dress? i mean for real, trapeze shape, peacock print, bow on the back, and pleats! i die. pair it up with some earthy inspired accessories and you're in like flynn. like flynn i say!  

Monday, June 20, 2011

polka dots and pearls

How cool is this dress!? I wish so hard that it was my size cause I would totally buy it and rock it out! Normally I'm not a fan of Fluevogs with fat heels, but these shoes are totally perfect for this dress. Pair this 60's gem with some big ol' honkin' pearls and you're set. totally totally totally. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

vintage vs repro

While in St Louis I had the best vintage experience ever at Vintage Habadasherie! One of my finds was a 50's skirt with the best unique print. It's got the coolest nautical boat print. This skirt is new, but totally in the same vein as the vintage one I found. Love!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Windswept Prairie

I've made it out to Wyoming! Last nights drive what quite a light show, heavy grey clouds weighed down on the fields but a remarkable hole in the clouds right along the horizon blazed with hot hot orange light. It was truly indescribable so I took lots of pictures (posts to come!) but I am sure they won't do mother nature justice. As I was click click clicking away my camera Mr.Husband noticed some crazy lightning and downswept clouds. Mini panic ensued as us city slickers quickly realized we have no idea what to do if you are in a car when a tornado hits (I know, we're ridiculous.) The light show continued and I switched from still to video and got some pretty cool footage of the lightning extravaganza (yup, posts to come.) 

This morning I was pleased to hop on the laptop and have a sense of normalcy by working on the blog. I've been without Starbucks and Target for days, and have literally had a BLT for lunch and mexican food for dinner three days in a row. It's nice to have a little technology to make me feel like myself. Anyway, to the point, after a couple days of driving through fields it seemed beyond apropos to feature Modcloth's "Windswept Prairie Cardigan" Happy Thursday Lovelies!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Head to toe Topshop

It's been pleasantly cool on our drive cross country, that is it was pleasantly cool until we got to Kansas City, MO. Here, it's hot and humid! Has my brain shifting back into bathing suit mode. Here is an amazing ensemble perfect for a tropical day. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

spotted moth jewels

Once upon a time there was a girl who wore a whole lotta jewelry. It's par for the course if you're a 19 year old goth. We're talking a ring on every finger, multiple necklaces, earrings up an down each earlobe..... since then, let's just say I've toned it down a bit. Here's a selection of stuff I would have worn all at the same time (well with 2 exceptions the cutesy birds probably wouldn't have been my picks then, but I love them now so there ya go.) 

Monday, June 13, 2011

In the midwest it's still spring!

So we began our road trip today and have made it out to Indiana, 
land of lots of billboards and hoosiers? Well from the road thats all I got. 
Before we got here though we stopped in Columbus to see some topiaries (pics to come) 
and drum roll please......
Pittsburgh to the ModCloth Offices!!!
It was great! A huge thank you goes out to Emily for helping me set it up and Aire for actually taking me around the facility. I was very honored to get a behind the scenes tour. I've got pictures and a whole post to come, but it will have to wait until we make it out to Colorado. 
So to the point, did you know it's actually spring? Living in DC I thought it was full on summer going by the 90-100 degree weather we've had the past couple weeks, but everywhere we stopped today was beautifully cool and breezy. Perfect for this outfit.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

we're in the big leagues now!

Guess what shopping/style blog just got their own URL? It's me, it's me! So if you didn't already follow via blogger, bloglovin, or facebook, now all you need to know is:

**insert celebratory dance HERE**

Also in the near future be expecting some layout and design changes. I feel ready for a change! Fear not though loyal readers, the content will keep on keepin on.

A request for you my lovelies:
What do YOU want to know about me and the blog? What do YOU want to see on the blog? 
I would looooove your input!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday banana!

I'm not usually into strapless dresses, it's just a whole lotta hassle keeping them up 
and finding the right bra. Buuuuuut I like this dress cause it's yellow, 
and you could pretend to be a banana. Okay, I would pretend to be a banana. 
What better way to accessorize your banana self than with shinny shinny chrome!? 
What? You don't put chrome on your bananas?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

just can't resist.

For reals folks, I just can't resist a cute day dress. This one is oh so darling! 
And if I had a normal sized head, I would totally buy these glasses. Do you think they come in kids sizes? Prolly not, most adult have adult sized heads don't they...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

poolside cocktails anyone?

Okay, so poolside cocktails. I'll have a margarita on the rocks with salt. Or maybe a pina colada. No, I think a glass of sangria. No, no definitely the margarita. 
Can I get some chips and salsa too or is that too gross to eat poolside? 
I promise not to get any chips in the water. Pinky swear.

head to toe Ruche

Anyone up for a trip to Spain? I call dibs on this dress! 
Oh yeah, and the shoes and the jewelry and the bag too!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

with original tags!

Not one, but TWO vintage items with original tags! How cool is that? 
Perfect outfit for a stroll down a boardwalk or a walk through a garden.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Small But Charming, flowers in the house!

Jane over at Small But Charming is hosting another "flowers in the house" link spectacular! If you've got some time you should check out the post HERE and look at aaaaalllllll the lovely flowers in everyones homes. Lovely lovely. So here is what is in the Casa de Petix this morning...

In my boudoir, some peachy roses (which smell DIVINE!) and queen annes lace. When I first placed these in the vase the tall lace was romantically drooping over the roses oh so elegantly. This morning it appears it has found some viagra, or maybe it's some subtle message from the gods that I need to work on improving my posture.

 Next up pink peonies and weeds in the living room. Okay, so I actually bought the weeds at Whole Foods, and I have no idea what they are technically called, but I can remember as a kid taking my bike behind St.Pius X to the field and creek and seeing (and often picking if i could get their stems to break with my bare hands) these yellow bushy guys or something very similar and queen annes lace as well. Misty water colored Memmmmmmmories...

Three sweet bud vases with three sweet apples. Scratch that, with TWO sweet apples and one freakish apple that I am overly fascinated with....

It's eating its own stem... how weird is that? It looks like a wax candle apple. Weeeeeeeeeird...

mini, midi, maxi

Veni, vidi, vici! No wait, I mean mini, midi, maxi!
Thanks alot ASOS, now I need to come up with like $500 bucks to buy a butt-ton of skirts. 
I'm gonna go buy a lotto ticket and hope for the best.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I've been shopping... a LOT...

I've been shopping a LOT, which is poor planning being that I am going on a road trip and want to be able to see and shop in as many independent boutiques and vintage shops as I can. Sure will be hard to do after how much I've spent recently. Here is some of the stuff I've bought (against better judgement)...

(1) via H&M, (2) via OldNavy, (3) via Gap, (4) via Forever21, (5) via OldNavy, (6) via Piperlime, (7) via Piperlime, (8) via Piperlime, (9) courtesy Piperlime

Head to toe Anthropologie

Tomorrow my lovelies is the Seersucker Social here in DC! Put on your prettiest cloche and ladylike dress and head on down to Hillwood Estate. The Bike Ride begins at 2:00pm, Lawn Party begins at 3:30pm. Go HERE for all the details. And for this outfit go straight to Anthropologie!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Head to toe Forever21

It may only be officially spring, but if you live here in DC (or anywhere in the US it seems!) it feels like midsummer! Inspired by the heat, I love this cute little ensemble, it feels a little central american to me. I am oh so loving the gold and wood combo, and it's Forever21 so they are toooootally cheap! Bonus! Side note, it feels like cheating, but those shoes just go perfect with those shorts. I figured why mess with a good thing, right? Not sure if the colors are just wonky online or if the shoes pictured really are a different color. I prefer the hue pictured here with the shorts, but the darker shade would look fab too.

Head to toe ASOS

I'm having a moment of writers block. Dang. What should I say about this outfit... 
Come on brain come up with something witty....


It's pretty. It's colorful. I want it.


I got nothing. Stupid brain.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Head to toe Piperlime

I ... LOVE ... THIS ... DRESS
Where the heck would I wear it? Let's see, I'd wear this to a midnight pool party in California with a buttload of celebrities and St. Germain cocktails (hopefully there would be food too cause this girl loves to get her chow on, discreetly of course, wouldn't want all those skinny celebrities to think I'm a pig, even though I'd be piggin out... .... ...i digress...)

I think these earrings are a super rad compliment to the dress. I dig how they sort of emulate the triangles on the top and even how it blouses out at the waist. These shoes are pretty out of character for me, but I think you really need something delicate and subtle with this dress so not to distract. 

Okay, now where can I get a plane ticket to LAX for cheap...