Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cruelty Free at Wegmans

Shopping for cruelty free products can be a bit overwhelming when you are just starting out. Trust me, I know! I've been on my cruelty free journey officially for 6 months now and I still struggle in the grocery store, at CVS, at ULTA. So I decided to lend a helping hand. This is the first in a series of posts where I ask YOU where you shop and share cruelty free brands at those stores/websites.

I posed the question today via twitter and got this response from Emma:

So here you are Emma! This is by no means a completely comprehensive list of cruelty free companies sold through Wegmans, but it's definitely a good start:
Looking for something specific? Hoping to find a cruelty free shave gel? Need that perfect cruelty free mascara? Want to wash your dishes with a clean conscious? Please feel free to tweet at me! I am always happy to help. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cruelty Free Summer Sandals

It's officially time for summer sandals here in the Nation's Capital. Today was so humid outside, as I walked across the mall from Smithsonian Affiliations in L'Enfant Plaza to a meeting at The National Museum of the American Indian my hair curled. Literally. The humidity curled my hair in a 15 minute walk. Fun times. 

Not only did my walk end in curly hair, it also ended in swollen, sticky feet. Gross, I know, but swampy humidity is a fact of life here in DC. Fear not my fashion forward friends! That just means it's time for NEW SHOES! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Something with a little more room to breeeeeath. All nine of these sandals are from ModCloth and best of all they are all Cruelty Free!! Long live sweet baby cows!

From Top to Toe Flat  |  Walk Around the Colorblock Sandal  |  Twist It Up Flat
Dreaming on the Dock Sandal  |  Boardwalk Lemonade Sandal  |  Prancing Through the Petals Sandal
Oh Strappy Day Flat  |  Prance in the Park Flat  |  Impromptu Date Sandal

Do you like any of these? Which is your favorite? Tweet at me and let me know! 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Filling Vegan Breakfast

After seeing the documentary Fed Up, Mr. Husband and I have been seriously rethinking our daily food routines. When it comes to sugar and processed foods I fail most miserably at breakfast. I was pretty darn stoked to try this easy, filling vegan breakfast and actually enjoy it.

First things first, if you are the type of person that needs a grab and go breakfast, this probably isn't for you. It's easy to make and doesn't take very long, but it's not really the type of thing to eat on the subway into the office.

What I used: 

What to do:

I start by spooning some of the chia seeds into a little cup. I just use a small spoon, I'd say about 3/4T. Then cover the seeds with water and give them a stir. Set them aside to soak up the water. 

Next measure 3/4c Oat & Quinoa blend, 3/4c Almond Milk, and 3/4c water into a small saucepan. I use a dry measuring cup for all three. Put the saucepan on your stovetop at high heat until it begins to simmer. Once it's at a full simmer, turn the burner down to low and continue to stir.

While your oats are cooking wash your berries if you haven't already and slice up some strawberries. 

Let your oats cook for approximately 4 minutes, but truthfully I go by the consistence of oats I prefer. If you like them thick keep them on a bit longer, like them runny not so long. 

When they are cooked to your preference spoon them into your bowl. Add the chia seeds which by now should have plumped up and be a bit jelly-like. Add a few shakes of cinnamon more or less to your liking. I do three shakes. Stir it all up, and plop your berries on top! 

By no means do you have to use exactly what I did. Things to note:

You could use whatever type of grain floats your boat. Don't like quinoa? Go for plain old oats. There are lots of varieties on the market especially if you go to Whole Foods or Yes Market or a similar store. I was at Target shopping so that's what I bought. 

If you are going sugar free and vegan like I did, make sure you pick up an unsweetened almond milk. 

Use whatever berries you like best, but make sure you buy them organic. Berries are notorious for being covered in chemicals. Even better, go to your local farmers market or swing by a farm. It's strawberry season here in DC, lots of farms let you pick your own or just buy them out of their barn if you aren't interested in doing the picking. If you prefer a more tart berry flavor go for raspberries and blackberries. 

Last but not least, if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend checking out Fed Up. Even as someone who lives a primarily vegan lifestyle, I learned a lot and am trying to make some major changes in my diet consequently. 

Good Luck! Feel free to Tweet at me if you have any questions or feedback or just to say hi! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Full Coverage Swim Bottoms

It's that time of year again. Bathing suit season, where I begin my annual search for a full coverage swim bottom. 

So here's the dish. I've got a big ol' booty, an extra long torso, and strikingly pale skin. The thought of finding bathing suits to meet all my hyper specific needs can be overwhelming. 

... ... deeeeeeeeeep breeeeeeeath ... ... 

I can't wear a one piece (even though that would be my preference) because my torso is even too long for long torso suits. I can't wear a two piece because I burn so easily and am prone to skin cancer. I need a swim bottom that is FULL coverage. Any bikini bottom is guaranteed to go straight up my toosh; I need something that is a full coverage short. AND last but not least, I want to look good.

Each year I begin the search anew and add pieces to my "cover this body up as stylishly as possible" arsenal. Last year I snagged some great swim shorts from target in both black and blue. They are a bit loose around the waistband area, but not horribly so. Frankly, that may not be an issue for everyone. I happen to fall on the end of the curvy scale with a size small waist and size large booty. This year I ordered this striped rashguard (with a SPF 50 rating) and these boy-short bottoms from Old Navy. The top is quite flattering. The bottoms are comfortable, but have a much lower rise than the pair from Target, so be advised.

Women's Striped Rashguard Swim Top in Black Stripe | Women's Mix & Match Boy-Short Bottoms in Ebony | Mossimo® Women's Mix and Match Swim Short -Indigo Night | H&M Braided Straw Bag | Forever21 Chunky Canvas Sandals

So what do you all think? Do you like the bag and sandals I've paired this up with? Do you have any super awesome full coverage swim suit resources? Do you have any super ultra extra long torso resources? Are you comfortable flaunting it all at the beach and pool? Are you more modest like me? Do you sometimes feel like a nut? Sometimes you don't? Do you think I should wear a red scarf around my neck with this suit and pretend to be a mime on the beach?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Amethyst Geode Jewlery

I don't generally consider myself a big fan of amethyst, but I've always been a bit of a nut for natural stones. As a kid my parents would graciously accompany me to many a cavern to explore the stalactites and stalagmites in dank, cool, underground caves. Needless to say, when I came across OhKuol's amazing Etsy shop I was not surprised to be taken by the wide range (ahem 45 pages!) of jewels both natural and cut, but I was surprised that so very many that I liked are amethyst hued. Whodathunk? Also, something to note, I would not normally share so many different styles, but for serious, I want them all. Today. I want. Them all.

Raw Purple Amethyst Geode Slice Statement Necklace - 14K GF  ||  Silver Purple Amethyst Stalactite Statement Necklaces  ||  Purple Amethyst Crystal Geode Necklace - 14K Gold Filled  ||  Purple Amethyst Geode Crystal Druzy Necklace - 925 Silver  ||  Half Moon Agate Druzy Quartz Necklace  ||  Silver Purple Amethyst Stalactite Flower Geode Raw Slice Necklace  ||  Purple Amethyst Point Pendant Necklace  ||  Gold Purple Amethyst Stalactite Necklaces  ||  Purple Amethyst Stalactite Slice Statement Ring  ||  Jet Black Druzy Necklace - 14K GF  ||  Agate Geode Rock Unique OOAK Shapes Necklace  ||  Natural Stalactite Slice Necklace - 14K GF  ||  Purple Amethyst Druzy Geode Slice Necklace - 925 Silver  ||  Crystal Point Pendant Necklace - 14K Gold Filled  ||  Small Druzy Marquise Shape Leaf Stone Adjustable Druzy Rings


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Inspiration #7 - burgundy

Happy Sunday friends! This Sunday Inspiration is all about burgundy. While this might not evoke many thoughts of spring for you, I'm instantly struck with thoughts of ripe juicy late spring fruits. It is after all officially strawberry season! What's inspiring you this week? 

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