Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Autumn leaves

autumn leaves

LOVE the leaf print on this dress. Like, for real. LOVE.  What about you?

Monday, November 28, 2011


neon twins

So today I gots my hair dids. Back to my much more natural ginger. While I am super happy to be a redhead again, I'm mourning my neon locks a little bit. No problem really though, it's easily supplemented. Like a vitamin, but wearable. Neon vitamin accessories.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

J.Crew for Quirky Girls

Let's be honest. J.Crew is all about classic preppy wardrobe staples. Not exactly my thing. But even classic preppy pieces can be worked into a quirky girl's wardrobe! Case in point, this outfit. Head to toe J.Crew, and while that may sound scary to alt chicas, I (the quirky girl that I am) would totally rock this outfit (and you can too you quirky sassy gals!)


Monday, November 21, 2011

What a week!?!

Well hellooooooo there! Just wanted to let everyone know this week is pretty crazy for me. At work I've got Christmas set up (a super fun, yet exhausting time of year for visual merchandisers!) Wednesday I've got my in-laws coming to spend some time with us. Thursday is Thanksgiving (duh) with my parents and my in-laws. And Friday is (UGH) Black Friday!


Anyway, to the point, posts may be hit or miss this week due to my frantic franticness. yes, franticness.

In lieu of an awesome on topic post, here is a funny cat picture. enjoy!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Gift Guide - Photo fiends

I love taking photos. Almost as much as having my photo taken. 
Haha! Just kidding!! (...or am I???) 
But for reals banana peels, I really love taking photos and I really love Four Corner Store. They have super fun stuff for toy camera lovers. Whether teeny tiny digitals are your thing, or you just die for real film, Four Corner Store has you covered. 

The Biscuit Camera
The Biscuit camera is a micro digital camera. Available in 3 flavors, Chocolate, Wheat and Strawberry, this little keychain cam shoots up to 300 stills, and also shoots video! High res is 640x480, and the video is AVI with no sound... (who needs sound anyway? we're gonna post these vids with our favorite songs, right?!) Tiny and Lo-fi, this little camera is quite a conversation starter, and Four Corner Store is the only shop in the US that has them!

SuperHeadz Wide and Slim Cams
When Vivitar gave up on the Ultra Wide and Slim, SuperHeadz stepped in with not one, but a family of clones to fill the void: The SuperHeadz Wide and Slim Cams!! These gems are wrapped in a rubberized coating that feels amazing (really amazing!) and improves the grip of the camera. Available in an assortment of colors (12 to be exact), all sport the amazing 22mm lens that gives you wonderful vignettes. It's a super fun camera for girls (and guys) who like to accessorize. With a great low price you can buy it in bunches of colors to go with any outfit!

The "PICK" Digicam
From the folks who brought us the Biscuit camera comes the new PICK camera! With 2.0 megapixels, and both still and video capability, this new cam is great new way to capture some lo-fi pics and movies. Simply plug it into your USB port to charge or download images. Requires a Micro SD card which will give you hundreds of images on one charge. No batteries needed, works with both Mac and Windows! Available in eight colors (wheeee!!) and super teeny tiny which makes it super cute.

Holga iPhone Filter
*Digital Accessory*

Instagram, schminstagram. Who needs it? Real photog fans will fawn over the Holga iPhone Filters! New from Holga comes the iPhone 4 Special Lens and Filter Turret with 9 real Holga lenses that create crazy effects. (The 10th hole is clear, so you can shoot regular photos...) Solid construction that snaps right onto your phone, it even includes a hard plastic cover to protect the lenses when not in use. A must for every iPhone user and a great Holiday gift!

Four Corners Film Collection
Four Films, Four packs. Four new ways to capture that perfect image. Color, Black and White... 12 to 36 Exposure. The New Four Corners Film Collection has every angle covered. Each hand-packed box contains 4 rolls of film, sealed tight with a custom label. 
"Short Attention Span" contains four rolls of 12 exposure color negative film.
"Purrrfectly Peach" is filled with four rolls of the creamy Fuji 160s.
"Endangered Species" brings four random rolls from our secret stash of film.
"Black and White" needs no introduction, it's our World Famous C-41 Process Monochrome film.
If it was me, I'd go for the Endangered Species. When of my favorite things about shooting film is the wonder. You never know what the shot will look like really until it's processed. It's like a little adventure, and who doesn't love an adventure!?

Necono Cat Camera

From the Incredible imagination of the folks who brought us the Digital Harinezumi comes the Necono Digital Cat Camera. This kitten has a camera lens hidden in it's eye. Whether shooting video or stills, you'll get the same dreamy quality of images that we all love from the Harinezumi. Simply aim and record, each video or still image will be stored on the Micro SD card tucked carefully under the camera. Or use the magnetic feet to attach the camera and record the world passing by. I mean, for real! How cool is that!?

I want it all, so if you're feeling generous you could always email me and I'll give you my address. Sike! (or not sike if you really do wanna send me stuff...)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Longwood Gardens

I'm totally obsessed with nature. I always have cut flowers in my home, gardening is one of my favorite past times (albeit a teeeeny tiny garden), my husband rescues trees, and I feel a wonderful sense of peace in nature. All these reasons are just a few of why Longwood Gardens is one of my all time favorite day trips.

If you've never been you're missing out. Well unless you've got some wicked allergy to flowers, then maybe it's not the place for you. For everyone else, find a day, take a break, stop and smell the flowers. Or just take in the view. There is so much to see I'm not going to go into it all, but it's really a remarkable du Pont property.

This mum is HUGE! Haha!! The Chrysanthemum Festival only runs through this coming Sunday, 11/20, so make a trip out this weekend. 
There are so so so many beautiful varieties, it's pretty major. 

They lined a portion of the conservatory's ceiling in parasols. It's so lovely with the sun shining through them. It's a funny thing being in the conservatory. 
I always find myself marveling that this was someone's HOME! 
Way before it was open to the public it was Pierre du Pont's residence. 
Can you imagine!?! 

I L.O.V.E going to Longwood. I highly highly highly recommend it to all of you! 
For more pictures feel free to check out my Tumblr

What do you think? Should I go back to green hair?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Metallic Pink

colorwheel - pink

Let's talk bandage dresses for a moment, shall we? I am SO OVER them. Whether they are authentic Herve Leger or one of the tens of thousands of knock offs, they've just had their moment. Don't get me wrong, it was an awesome moment, but it's time to moooooooooove along. Well except for today that is, PINK METALLIC BOMBSHELL! Hollaaaaaaa!

p.s. it's the last color in the colorwheel! big thanks to G over at Tulle and Combat Boots for this super fun challenge!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pretty Purple

Today is Purple day for me in Tulle and Combat Boots color wheel challenge! G of the aforementioned blog and I met up to go to DewDropDC's swap this past Saturday and had oodles of fun catching up, grabbing clothes and brainstorming our world domination.

Vintage 50's Gnome Cap via Pretty People Vintage (Virginia)
Coat via H&M (Virginia)
Shorts via Old Navy (Virginia)
Hue Tights via Macys (Maryland)
Over the Knee Socks via ????
Enzo Angiolini Wedges via Macys (Virginia)
Leather Cuff via Gap (Virginia)
Red Ring courtesy Gossip on 23rd (Virginia)
Baggu Bag in Lime via Home Rule (DC)

That's not my cigarette. Ew.

I dunno what I was talking about, but apparently it involved pointing.

It wouldn't be a photo shoot avec moi sans goof-tacular pictures. Go go gadget double chins!

This is cutie patoooootie extraordinaire G of Tulle and Combat Boots She was super nice enough to take all these pictures of me! Yay for blogger bff's and style twins! I swear we totally unintentionally match, like alot. Case in point our bright blue tights. 
Toooooootally coincidental. 
Kinda freaky.