Tuesday, January 31, 2012

so what, I'm ridiculous.

expensive and ridiculous

Today I want really expensive stuff and bunny ears. So what, I'm ridiculous. :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

the 90s, it's unavoidable.

The 90s. It seems as though it's unavoidable. It's always a shock to me when things that were so ridiculous the first time around come back. Like the 90s. As I was looking through dresses online at ASOS this morning, I was thinking, "well, at least it's just spandex dresses. i mean it could be way worse. it could be oversized overalls." It was one of those moments where if your friend was there with you they'd be bug eyed and emphatically shaking their head back and forth wordlessly willing you to not say it out loud! But you do. So now, when we start seeing overalls with one strap unhooked, you can blame me. Sorry folks.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Week in Photos

Crazy thunderstorm came raging in and flew by in a rush.
Thank you gifts - Vintage postcards from Paris - My weekly fresh cut flowers
Thirsty kitty - Scared of thunder kitty (good thing there is a messy closet to hide in!) - Sometimes on my lunch break I photoshop my coworkers pets, it's a thing...
Delicious oranges - Squishy light up chicks - Popeyes two piece and a biscuit
Blooming - Blooming - Bloomed!
Friday night flautas - Margaritas - Cappuccino 
Impromptu painting - Out with the old art - Mr.Husband getting it done!
This week was much less of an emotional roller coaster than last. I'm still grumbly about school, but relatively resigned to do what I need to do. Monday we had a crazy intense thunderstorm in the morning, Audrey Super Kitty was none too pleased, but luckily was able to find nice refuge in my messy closet. I finally was able to make the time to send out some overdue thank yous. And today, we impulsively decided to repaint our living room (read: excuse to not do homework) and once we got the room painted, impulsively decided to buy a new couch, chair, and rug. Of course I didn't want to buy a standard color, so the couch won't be ready for 8 weeks at minimum. I can't wait to have it all set up!

What did YOU do this week? Do you use Instagram? I'd love to see your pictures, feel free to let me know where to find them!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dress up as yourself from the past party!

dress up as yourself from the past

So admittedly, this set is a mess. But I am so excited for this party that I had to share with you a mock up of what I used to look like. The party is a "Dress up as yourself from the past" Party! Perfect timing as I have been bemoaning adulthood recently.  Let's just say I have had a thing for egypt. I have had a thing for corsets. And I am was totally 100% GOTH!

What would YOU wear?

Vintage Big Buttons

Uh, yes please! If it's vintage, and it's got big buttons, I'm pretty much a sucker.
Pair this baby up with some vintage baubles and cute (quasi) retro shoes and bag and
WHAM! (not the band, just the sound effect)
You're AWESOME! 
Okay, honestly, you're already awesome. But hey, any excuse to buy a cute vintage dress is a good excuse in my book. Aw yeah.

oh yeah, and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

pre-Midlife crisis?

I think maybe I'm having a way early midlife crisis. Or maybe I'm having college dorm flashbacks now that I'm a full time student again. Either way, all I want to wear right now are tight punk rock pants and some killer badass jewelry. Maybe even show some midriff? Thoughts? 
(I tried showing just the tiniest bit at a rock show recently and Mr.Husband told me oh so kindly that maybe it was just a little bit ridiculous for a respectable lady. Whateves! I'm a 19 year old goth rocker! FTW!)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Muted Modcloth

Muted ModCloth

Today on Facebook, my Mom's best friend from high school posted a picture of them on their highschool graduation day. Let me just say, my Mom is so beautiful!! It was such a neat thing to see her smiling and giggling with her teenage best buds. Since I saw the picture I've been feeling very into 70's styling. Heres a modern take, a Monday Muted ModCloth ensemble!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Week in Photos

Flowers: Surprise at Work from Mr.Husband, Sweet Freesia Sprigs, My usual in house arrangement, and some faux blossoms for a project.

Outdoor encounters: Bright Barrels, Long Face Jones, Footprints, and Bouncing Birdies.

Belated Christmas Gifts: Retro deer and Ring holder, Holly (the gift that keeps on giving!), Whack-o Pickle Soaps from Austria, and a Marsiglia Original Hand Knit Mitt.

Food: Delish Roasted Olives on Date Night, "Downward Spiral" Irresistible Dunkin Donut, "I Give Up" Buffalo Wings, "Get Back on Track" Avocado.

Friday: My Brain is Mush from Philosophy, Spinning Wool, Heb's Projects, Much needed BFF's and Wine!

Kitty and Katie: Big Yawn, Skeleton Skirmish, No Makeup on Date Night, Old Navy Knit.
This was a rough week for me. School started Tuesday and I had a bit of a freak out. I decided to get on the fast track for my "college round 2" degree and am taking accelerated classes. Unluckily for me, the gen eds for music performance majors (college round 1) don't exactly line up for the gen eds for digital media majors (college round 2) so I feel like an 18 year old again, griping about how I don't understand why I have to take classes irrelevant to my focus (grumble, grumble). Anywhay, to the point, a philosophy class may have not been the best idea for my first 8 week accelerated course (in addition to my computer courses, which luckily so far seem to be pretty easy breezy). I feel like I'm in way over my head with a full time job, a full time school load, a blog I try to update daily, and well, life in general. Mr.Husband has been amazing of course, sending "cheer up, you can do it!" flowers in addition to little "it'll all be okay" pats on the back. And blessed be, Friday night was knitting night with my favorite group of ladies.

As of now, I've made all this weeks assignment deadlines, have done (almost) all my reading, and managed to only miss one day of blogging (sorry Friday readers!) Fingers crossed I can manage this coming week a little better than the last (read: not have a total depresso - pig out - bingefest mid-week).

Saturday, January 21, 2012

polka dots on the brain

polka dot

I've got polka dots on the brain today! Here's a super quick polyvore set I whipped up on my lunch break. Which dress is your favorite?