Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SweetPea, Spring is here (sort of)

I've decided even though spring isn't really making itself known here in DC, I am going to push the issue by wearing ridiculously over the top springtime outfits. Case in point, 1950's Sweet Pea Sun Dress. This is why I love vintage. For serious, it's a day dress covered in peas. Totes A.Maz.Ing. Top this baby off with a YELLOW!! cardigan. Accessorize with some cute wedges a la 40's/70's and a vintage basket bag (I know, here we go again with the straw/basket bags. I can't help it, it's what I love!) And the icing on this pea-yellow-basket ensemble? Okay, that didn't sound quite as I meant it to, but anywhay... A most spectacular skull necklace! I'm all over it. It's so delicate, people might not even notice the juxtaposition at first. Divine.