Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Target Shoes - Adventures in Dressing Rooms!

I went to Target to buy frozen Lean Cuisines for lunch, but somehow ended up in the shoe section. Go figure. Here's what I tried, they've got some really cute styles right now!

You know me, I'm the queen of COLOR, so it's a bit ironic that my favs of the bunch were both tan. I didn't buy any when I was trying them on in the shop, but as I was typing up this post and linking the photos back to Target so you can see the item details, a wonderful thing happened... Buy One Get One Sale!!! It's via for 50% off your second pair of shoes or handbag and only runs through May 26, so best get moving if you want to take advantage. I bought the Washi Wedge Sandal in Tan AND the Pollie Strappy Espadrille in Tan. They are so versatile I think they are gonna get lots of use this summer!

So which are YOUR favorites?? Are you going to take advantage of the sale? Let me know what you get if you do!