Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adventures in Dressing Rooms - Off Broadway Shoes

Browsing at Off Broadway Shoes is one of my favorite things to do on a weekday off. It's generally quiet, I very much enjoy taking my time and trying on shoes just for the fun of it. 

I'm a sucker for a T-strap. Loved these adorable "Colt" flats by Blowfish.

If you're a long time reader, you've seen these before. These ballet flats by AK Sport are my favorite shoes ever. I used to live in them until recently, I haven't been able to find them in my size! They are perfectly reminiscent of an actual ballet shoe from the criss-crossed elastic straps to the super soft leather. So if any of you happen to be at an Off Broadway Shoes and see these babies in a 10.5, buy them for me! I will pay you back and reward you with a little bonus too! 

This is what I meant when I said I try on shoes just for the fun of it. I have a feeling that skinny strap would tear up my ankle or conversely snap off entirely. Hard to say. Regardless, these "Obsession" wedges by Iron Fist are effervescent! Very reminiscent of Betsey Johnson. It immediately brought to mind one of my blogger BFF's Gwynne. She would ROCK these!

Snakeskin appears to be all the rage this fall. These Jeffrey Tyler "Topaz" wedges are neutral enough to pair with lots of different outfits yet chic enough to stand out as well. They would look fab with a burgundy pencil skirt at the office or with some rolled up cuff boyfriend jeans. It's all about versatility!

Dontcha just love a nude patent heel? I am a big fan of the subtle color blocking on these BCBG Paris "Penie" heels. Just enough detail to be not your average nude heel. Sadly for me the 10's were just a smidge too tight in the toe box. If the nude isn't for you, they come in a range of colors, see below.

The top two shoes in this set were shoes I wanted to try on but they didn't have any sizes I could even squeeze into. Sad for me! Maybe you'll find your size though:

Penny Loves Ken "Niley" in Black and White Stripe
Mia "Gilly" in Black
Full Color range of BCBG Paris "Penie"

So which are your favorites? Do you have a shoe you swear by and can't live without? 
Inquiring minds want to know!