Monday, October 1, 2012

Impulse at Macy's

Earlier this month, I took a trip out to Macy's in Tysons Corner to check out what they had in their Impulse collection. Here's what I tried on and my thoughts...

Generally speaking, I don't wear maxi skirts and dresses. I'm so tall that they more oft than not inspire "where's the flood" jokes. This one included. So if you are 5'10 or taller like me, this dress isn't for you. That being said I really did like this dress. The colors are a very lovely blend of soft muted fall tones. I very much liked the verticle parallels on the back. It fit comfortably, but does require a specialty bra, or no bra at all if you do that kind of thing. {...Passed...}

I actually have this bar III dress in another colorway (you've seen it HERE) and love it. Needless to say I was pretty stoked they brought it out for fall as well. It has an elasticised waist and blouses out a little on the back of the top. I supposed if you didn't like that effect you could size down, but one of my favorite things abotu these dresses is how easy they are to wear. Sizing down may make it less comfy. I anticipate I'll get alot of use out of this dress, with colored tights, with boots, with wedges, with cardigans, with oversized sweaters, it's super versitle. {...Purchased...}

Not available online!

I tried this on purely as a "why the heck not!" The boning had torn through the lining on this one, (maybe that's why it was on sale?) and would need to be repaired to wear it. And it was too small for my chest. It didn't work out for me on many levels, but I wanted to show it to you anyway because I actually really liked it! I was trying to rationalize with myself in the dressing room on how easily I could repair it, and it really wasn't that tight on my boobs... I even tried it on backwards, 'cause you  know, I do that kind of thing in dressing rooms, and it looked pretty cool reversed. {...Passed...}

Not available online!

This dress fit well and was a very pretty hue, but a little too non descript for me to spend that much on it. Also, the belt was quite uninteresting, I'd toss it and find something with a bit more character. {...Passed...}

I didn't realize until I was working up this post how pretty this dress was on me. I regret not buying it now. At the time, I was hesitant because of the fabric. I'm not so sure I'm into the whole lace trend on me, and on top of that, it's almost like a flocked type of lace. It reminded me very much of the early 90's which I realize is on trend, but I wore that stuff as a teen. I don't think I can do it again out of principal. Haha! The teal is not available online, but they do have some other colors. {...Passed...}

Not available online!

I thought this dress looked really great on the hanger, but not so great on my body. The faux leather bodice was too square shaped, it fit my bust fine, however was loose around my waist. Consequently the dress made me look as though I had very little in the way of a womanly shape. It was a pretty cool dress otherwise, perhaps if your body type is different than mine it may be worth giving it a try. {...Passed...}

This dress fit very well and was sweet as can be. Great for hourglass figures. Perfectly fitted bodice and full skirt. Also with such a basic black and white color combo you could pair this up with all sorts of different belts, shoes, cardigans, and other accessories. For me though, it was just a tad too simplistic to be worth the $108. I most likely would have gone for it if it was on sale. {...Passed...}

Ah, the irresistible polka dot jean. I had never heard if this brand prior to walking by the table filled with different shades and patterns. I really liked the muted tones in this pair. It's difficult to tell from my on the fly iphone photos, but the base color is a lovely purple-y brown-ish grey (great color description right?) and the dots are a dusty pale pink. Completely perfect for autumn. The fit was superb, but I will say that I am pretty much built for skinny jeans, they may not work for everyone. For me they fit snug on my hips and bottom and comfortably through the legs. And bonus for me, they are the perfect length for my extra long gams. {...Purchased...}

So which was your favorite? Which do you think I should have purchased? Have you tried any of these dresses, what did you think? Inquiring minds want to know!