Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Is flaunting your fabulousness bad karma?

I have this friend who's been sorta-kinda seeing this dude. He's handsome and fashionable and has one of those smiles that makes ladies melt. But it turns out he's a complete ass-wad. He's been stringing my girl along and standing her up, repeatedly. Total nard-face.

My 2013 motto is "onward and upward" which is my advice to her. Forget that swarmy-skeezoid. Ignore his texts. Don't respond to him ever again! But there's a problem. They work together. Blerg. So my second thought, BE FABULOUS and flaunt it! I say focus on you girlfriend, look and feel fabulous, make amazing strides in your life and show that shit off! Of course not to get him back, a full on HELLLLLL NOOOOOO to that, but make that fuckeroni regret not taking you seriously.

Bitch, please. I'm fabulous!

My question to you though is,
"Is flaunting your fabulousness bad karma?"
What do you guys think? Do you even believe in karma?