Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fruit for Breakfast

I love eating fruit for breakfast. It's beautiful, it's delicious, and it's so very good for you. For someone like me who has to have a wide variety of foods (if I have to eat the same thing over and over I get fiercely cranky) it's also a great way to keep things interesting without too much effort. Because really, who has the energy to be fussing around with breakfast? Some days I'm lucky to find two matching socks in the morning, I definitely don't have the time to be cooking elaborate breakfasts. 

Whole grain bagel in the toaster, small schmear of cream cheese, and a heaping helping of pomegranate seeds for a cool sweet crunch.

Whole grain waffle in the toaster, handful of blueberries on top (hellooooo superfood!) and voila, delicious and pretty to boot. 

And of course "the classic" toast with homemade jams and a side of strawberries or a sliced up apple. So very simple and so very satisfying.

I love sharing pictures of my pretty meals, you can see them all over on instagram. Let's be photo friends!