Friday, November 5, 2010

can't we do it again?

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary! I am just as happy with my husband now as I was the day we were wed, but I feel a little bit sad because I wish I could have a lovely wedding party every year! Treating guests to good food, good booze and good company was such a special experience for me. And of course, wearing a fantastical wedding gown! There were more woes than I care to remember revolving around "the dresses" and I am definitely not going to relive them here on my fun blog. What I will say is that after being coerced into trying on a Jenny Packham gown, I am a die hard fan. My husband and I made a pact not to go into debt over our wedding and we did our best to stick to it, so the Jenny Packham gown was completely out of my budget. Fortunately, in the end I wound up wearing a lovely vintage dress from Posh Girl Vintage, which truth be told was much more fitting for our intimate setting. 

Today's post is my "if I was a rich girl" Jenny Packham Monaco dress from her Fall 2009 collection, which I could not for the life of me find a picture that does the B.E.A.uuuuuuutiful dress justice, my actual wedding dress that I purchased from Posh Girl Vintage and four dresses from Jenny Packham's most recent collection

Three Cheers for Happily Ever After!