Wednesday, November 10, 2010

today i want to be natalie portman

Call it a case of wanting to be everything you are not, I have always had major envy and major love for Natalie Portman. 
She's a super famous actress, 
I've been in a couple of low budget horror flicks (didn't you know? see me in this, this, this and this)
She's been a dancer since the age of four, 
I was born pigeon toed and struggled through years of training only to achieve getting my feet straight.
She's a style icon and lovely 5'3 muse of Zac Posen, 
I'm a style blogger and 6'0 muse of my husband (not so shabby on that note!)

Anyway, last week on TopShop's blog they featured an upcoming thriller she is staring in called Black Swan. It caught my attention for so many reasons. A) It stars Natalie Portman (duh!) B) the movie posters are to die for art deco style C) I super duper looooove thrillers D) rumors abound of lots of sexual tension and action not only between guys and gals but also gals and gals (how risqué!) E) It's directed by Darren Aronofsky of Requiem for a Dream and The Wrestler fame and F) Did I mention Winona Ryder? just to name a few. Here's hoping the movie is as good as I've hyped it up to be!