Friday, September 30, 2011

Adventures in Dressing Rooms - Old Navy

This week I popped into Old Navy to return a blazer. Isn't it funny how returning one $40 item can some how turn into buying $170 worth of stuff? Must be magic.

I tried this sweater and these pants on the "you never know til you try" principal. While the sweater was okay but just not my style, the pants made me look pretty dumpy. It's hard to tell from the picture, but they are acutally a pretty dark green color. I think they might work on someone with narrow hips and some killer high heels.

Helloooooo cute shorts ! I snagged these babies in both the Taupe and the Black for $4.97 each!!!!! Amazing!

This sheer blouse has a pretty dusty pink hue (the pictures aren't doing it justice) and a lovely keyhole with a ribbon tie. The only down side was that the fabric was so light weight that is was super static-y. Other than that though, I really like this top.

The warm floral print of this tank is a great print to transition from summer to fall. I really liked the ribbon tie on the back.

I super duper love this top!! I mean, duh, it's got a neck tie. I'm such a sucker. (this colorway is apparantly not available on the website.)

I'm a die hard skinny jean fan, so when I saw this skinny jean (not on the website) with some rather different detailing I got pretty excited. Turns out these don't fit me for crap though. They fit my butt okay, but were very strangely loose in the lady bits area. Plus I think that the large pockets accentuate the hips in a negative way.

oh hey. i bought this in green too.
One thing of note though, because the front and the back of this blouse both slant in at the neckline, you'll need a halter or strapless bra for this blouse.

Let's just take a moment shall we? I . am . dying . for . this ... This sweater is so great! (not on the website) The black panels on the sides are so chic and slimming to boot! Being an extra tall lady, I'm also freaking over the 3/4 length sleeves. Divine! And heeellllloooooooo booty! This ultra skinny jean is GREAT! They fit comfortably and are a killer bright red (red not avilable on the website). Awesomesauce.

Just in and of itself, this leopard print blouse is pretty uninteresting, but with a little styling it's not too shabby.

Bought this blouse in both the white and the tan. I am not a fan of elastic waist shirts, but with the deep V and tie neck it really draws your eye up, so the bothersome elastic is not so noticable.

Sad for me this sweater was too small for my shoulders, but I wish it wasn't! I do oh so love a chunky sweater, in fact I practically live in them year round. In the picture on the left, I have both snaps snapped, and on the right, just the lower snap snapped.

I thought the coat on the right would be my favorite, but once I slipped on The white on the left I quickly changed my mind. It's such a nice ladylike classic coat.

I tried the same coat (as the white) in red and in the store, I was definitely leaning toward the white. Once I got home however and was looking at these pictures, I realized I really do love this nice bright tomato red. Besides, I'm a rather colorful chica, I should just go for the gusto, right?

Cold weather is gonna be here before we know it! It's never too early to stock up on fun colorful scarves. I'm totally prepared to bundle up.

p.s. I've never run into having so many things not available on the website before! So sorry!