Saturday, September 3, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld at Macy's

Yup, Karl Lagerfeld artist extrodinaire has done a collaboration with Macy's. Curious? Yeah, me too. 

Here's my take:

Let's just start off by saying, that is one diiiiirrrrrrty dressing room mirror! 
Okay, now that that is out of the way, the clothes...

Dear Karl, I love your style on you, but it looks a little silly on a lady. Love, Me.
The high collar is... let's see... interesting? But not flattering in my humble opinion. I think the neck is one of the loveliest parts of a woman, how sad to hide it all the way to the chin!

I liked this shirt better than the first, but still not a super fan of the high neck. Also, I'm not into adding a horizontal pleat detail across my hips ("hey look how WIDE I am!") Bras may be a problem with this top. Not that you couldn't find a strapless, but I think it would be tough because the pleated detail is actually pretty low. I think a normal strapless would peak up above the sheer part. I wish this had been done as a dress, it would be ultra sweet for cocktails!

It does have a pretty keyhole in the back however! (sorry so buurrrrrly!)  

But looooook! If you unbutton the collar and fold it over it totally transforms. Oh hi neck! 

Hrrmmm.... This coat... was just... well...
This coat just wasn't for me. It felt like a vintage 80's coat. Too big. Poorly proportioned. (Sorry Karl! I love you still!)

The color of this dress was really strange to me. It was a kind of awkward shade of fleshy pink. It might be really pretty on someone with a darker complexion. Beyond the color it just doesn't fit my proportions well (average bust, tiny waist, big bottom) I think it would look good on someone with a less hourglass shape, but I really hate how baggy the collar is.

 I dunno dudes. This has unnecessary beading detail at the neck that looks a little cheap,  and made me feel like I need above the elbow leather gloves and a riding crop. Oh yeah, and that collar again! Meh.

Finally some stuff that is appealing to me. The funny thing is though, this dress and the next looked like they totally didn't belong in this collection. I loved them both. Girlie. PeterPan Collar. Hourglass shaped. Divine!

Dudes! Look how tiny I am! I had a wicked case of food poisoning last week and lost 12 pounds. NO FUN. But look how tiny I am! Ha Ha! Anywhaaaay, This was super sweet. It's almost the same color as the fleshy pink dress a few above, but since it has a crepe texture to it and is floaty, flowy it's not off putting like the other one. 

It also had this interesting tulle detail on the neckline. I liked and didn't like the detail all at once. It was pretty and defined the neckline well, but seemed to keep folding under. I wish it was a bit stiffer or had a nude fabric to back it. 

All in all, I was kinda bummed out by the Karl collection. I hate to be negative but it felt too inspired by the power suit of the eighties for my taste (and maybe too much by Karl's personal style) and the proportions didn't jive too well with my body type. C'est la vie. Have you tried any of it? If so I'd love to hear what you thought!

And following up for you...
So hey, remember this? Well here is the back:

(ew, look how boney my back is!)