Friday, October 21, 2011

Adventures in Dressing Rooms, AllSaints Chicago

Whilst in Chicago recently I stopped into an AllSaints store for the first time. I was so super pleasantly surprised at their super cool, super euro aesthetic. It's the type of shop that makes you think "If I was a cool kid I would soooooo shop here." Well guess what... I know dub us all cool kids. Ta Daaaa!

But seriously, you should really check out an AllSaints near you (brand new one opened in Georgetown this July!) Before we continue, a quick heads up... This stuff's expensive. Well it's expensive on my budget anyway. It's so great, I say go check it out anyway. Think investment pieces. A leather jacket that will last forever, something along that lines. That is unless you do have lots of expendable money, and in that case GO WILD!

This is the outfit I showed you HERE . I ... LOVE ... THIS ... SKIRT !!! Pictures cannot due this gem justice. It's ahhhhhhhhhmaaaaaaazing. And I want it. Super Bad. You know how I am about anything Aztec/Mayan/Egyptian. I just love me some pyramids. Well this skirt, like an ancient god, has some magical powers to make my legs look not albino! Something about that gold, it's apparently the perfect gold for pale Scottish girls. Super ... Duper ... Awesomesauce.

Oh hey, another warning, it's all british sizing. I was obviously caught off guard, case in point these pants. Which are not zipped. And barely made it up my thighs. Cause duh, a UK size 8 is like a US size 4, and my fanny, it ain't no size 4.

The top however, was, well it was "like buttah." It felt so so so good. It's the type of fabric that makes you want to walk up to perfect strangers and say "touch my shirt, oh my gawd it's so soft, right!?"

Calling all goth girls!! Go buy clothes here. Especially if you are a grown up. Let's show these Hot Topic kiddies how it's done. This dress is a lovely dark grey in that lovely lovely silk. It was a tad too big, but being that I didn't have money to buy it anyway, I didn't waste the time asking for another size.

And now, the sheath dresses. These did not work for me. That's okay though, I knew they wouldn't. size 4 bust + size 2 waist + size 8 butt = no sheath dresses. 

These dresses are so freakin awesome I tried them anyway. Again, a photo just cannot do these masterpieces justice. They really are beautiful in person. If you do have a more uniform size and can rock a sheath, I sooooo want you to buy these and send me pictures of how epic-ly amazing-ly goddess-ly you are in them.

I didn't end up buying anything, but Mr.Husband bought a truly lovely coat (hello, investment piece) that he will so rock in Paris this New Years. 
What do you guys think? Have any of you bought things from AllSaints before? Inquiring minds want to know!