Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Decor via Etsy

Well helloooooo there assortment of sweet, sweet pumpkins! 

Halloween is littttrally one week away. Skweeeee! I'm so excited. So, so, so excited. It's truly the most wonderful time of the year. (I know Andy likes to sing that it's Christmas, but if Eddie Pola and George Wyle were still alive I'd track 'em down and ask them to re-write the song to be about autumn and halloween. You know, cause I'm just a freak like that.) Some of these are very similar, sure, but I can't help it, teeny tiny needle felted pumpkins are just what I want today. 

  1. Needle Felted Pumpkin Set of Two by scratchcraft
  2. Needle Felted Pumpkins Three Halloween Thanksgiving by feltjar
  3. Rustic Plush Burlap Pumpkin with wooden stem by Sheedo
  4. Needle Felted Pumpkin in White by builtonbranches
  5. Upcycled Tan Cable Knit Sweater Pumpkin 45 Fall by whimsysworkshop
  6. Pumpkins3 yellow felt Fall Autumn HomeDecor by addjang
  7. Needle Felted Pumpkin Magnets Mouse and Bird by minifeet
  8. Lime Green and White Polka Dot Decorative Pumpkin with Leaf and Vine by SeaPinks
  9. Pumpkin Scary Cute Halloween Toy Hanging Decoration by StitchedWithLoveUK