Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adventures in Dressing Rooms, Kmart!

Today's trip to Kmart was for nail polish remover, but you know me, I just can't resist trying on some clothing! Here's what I tried and what I thought...

I really liked this dress. It's a lightweight and 100% cotton, great for summertime. Obviously you'd need a racer back bra for it (I'm so ill prepared!) but other than that super easy to wear. I would totally pair it up with some fun wedges and big gold jewelry.

The next two outfits really were for experimentation sake. Let's face it, I'm too old to pull off these looks as is, but the elements separately could work!

 This outfit doesn't work for me but I do very much like it. I have a reeeeeeaaaaaaally long torso, so the cropped top with the low rise shorts just looks wrong on me. On someone with more average proportions it would be very sweet. As you can see, the top is sheer, so you'll need a cami or at least not a purple bra. Ha!

Love the Southwest design on this top. I tried it in an XL because I like the loose open neck look. Plus this way it covers my belly completely. The shorts shockingly fit well! I picked them up as a joke, something to try for giggles. I would have never guessed that they would cover my butt completely and actually be comfortable. 

This dress was so comfy. Sadly it was too short for my 6'0 frame, but I would recommend it for anyone not as giantess as me. I very much like the low back and the elastic straps were quite comfortable. Also the cups are padded so you don't have to worry about getting *ahem* chilly. Might even be fun as a maternity dress! 

Each time I go to Kmart I am more and more surprised at how much I like. Do you shop Kmart? What do you think?