Sunday, June 24, 2012

Early Summer Date Night

After hanging out with some of my Blogger BFF's at Violet Boutique's Lookbook party and talking about how I just don't wear shorts, my tall blogger buddy Waverly (who was featured twice recently on Refinery29 DC!) gave my a little boost in confidance. I decided I should just be brave and DO IT! Kind of ironic that shorts scare me and dying my hair green is a walk in the park, but in my defense my legs are really long and REALLY pale. It's alot to share with the world.

Sweater via H&M (DC)
Blouse via OldNavy (VA)
Shorts via Banana Republic (MD)
Bow Necklace via Macys (VA)
Neon Clutch c/o ASOS


What do you think? Too much leg?