Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Black Booties

I am fascinated with fashion's continued expedition into the world of badass chicks. As someone who wore combat boots, platform boots, and creepers and cut up my clothes to reconstruct them with spikes studs and safety pins for a good portion of my life, I sometimes feel as though I am in some parallel universe. Stud covered booties at Nordstrom? Bondage strap boots at Bloomingdale's? Sooooo surreal. But hey, the more the merrier says the mature adult me (the not so mature me says "Get off my lawn you lame-ass posers! I had to order those from the UK when I was your age. Ah, kids these days...") 

Bondage straps, buckles, chains and spikes. Here are some of my favorites right now: 

My Fave:
I love that these have a thick chain underneath the arch. It's completely tough, but also subtle enough to make these black booties completely versatile. Goth all grown up shall we say.