Friday, September 14, 2012

Cat Sweater

This is dedicated to all the crazy cat ladies out there. I won't call you out... Just kidding, I'm totally calling you out: @_michsi_ @glam__slam @kristennichols @tulleandboots @glennavonhenna

I am kind of freaking out over the Pick Up the Cent bank, the Cat Ears Ring, and (obviously!) the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Embroidery Loafers. If you can't afford the hef-hef-hefty price tag on Charlotte's loafers, the black pair is a knock off for 1/25th the price. That's quite the discount! I can't speak on their quality, but it looks as though all the reviews are positive.

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ASOS Cat Jumper (Sweater)
Get in Fe-line Mug - Great for herbal, white, or green teas that need to steep covered.
A Wear Cat Jacquard cardigan
Pick Up the Cent Bank (My Fave!)
Charlotte Olympia Kitty Embroidered Loafers
ASOS Cat Ears Ring
Paris Black Suedette Cat Face Ballet Shoes