Saturday, June 7, 2014

Filling Vegan Breakfast

After seeing the documentary Fed Up, Mr. Husband and I have been seriously rethinking our daily food routines. When it comes to sugar and processed foods I fail most miserably at breakfast. I was pretty darn stoked to try this easy, filling vegan breakfast and actually enjoy it.

First things first, if you are the type of person that needs a grab and go breakfast, this probably isn't for you. It's easy to make and doesn't take very long, but it's not really the type of thing to eat on the subway into the office.

What I used: 

What to do:

I start by spooning some of the chia seeds into a little cup. I just use a small spoon, I'd say about 3/4T. Then cover the seeds with water and give them a stir. Set them aside to soak up the water. 

Next measure 3/4c Oat & Quinoa blend, 3/4c Almond Milk, and 3/4c water into a small saucepan. I use a dry measuring cup for all three. Put the saucepan on your stovetop at high heat until it begins to simmer. Once it's at a full simmer, turn the burner down to low and continue to stir.

While your oats are cooking wash your berries if you haven't already and slice up some strawberries. 

Let your oats cook for approximately 4 minutes, but truthfully I go by the consistence of oats I prefer. If you like them thick keep them on a bit longer, like them runny not so long. 

When they are cooked to your preference spoon them into your bowl. Add the chia seeds which by now should have plumped up and be a bit jelly-like. Add a few shakes of cinnamon more or less to your liking. I do three shakes. Stir it all up, and plop your berries on top! 

By no means do you have to use exactly what I did. Things to note:

You could use whatever type of grain floats your boat. Don't like quinoa? Go for plain old oats. There are lots of varieties on the market especially if you go to Whole Foods or Yes Market or a similar store. I was at Target shopping so that's what I bought. 

If you are going sugar free and vegan like I did, make sure you pick up an unsweetened almond milk. 

Use whatever berries you like best, but make sure you buy them organic. Berries are notorious for being covered in chemicals. Even better, go to your local farmers market or swing by a farm. It's strawberry season here in DC, lots of farms let you pick your own or just buy them out of their barn if you aren't interested in doing the picking. If you prefer a more tart berry flavor go for raspberries and blackberries. 

Last but not least, if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend checking out Fed Up. Even as someone who lives a primarily vegan lifestyle, I learned a lot and am trying to make some major changes in my diet consequently. 

Good Luck! Feel free to Tweet at me if you have any questions or feedback or just to say hi!