Thursday, June 5, 2014

Full Coverage Swim Bottoms

It's that time of year again. Bathing suit season, where I begin my annual search for a full coverage swim bottom. 

So here's the dish. I've got a big ol' booty, an extra long torso, and strikingly pale skin. The thought of finding bathing suits to meet all my hyper specific needs can be overwhelming. 

... ... deeeeeeeeeep breeeeeeeath ... ... 

I can't wear a one piece (even though that would be my preference) because my torso is even too long for long torso suits. I can't wear a two piece because I burn so easily and am prone to skin cancer. I need a swim bottom that is FULL coverage. Any bikini bottom is guaranteed to go straight up my toosh; I need something that is a full coverage short. AND last but not least, I want to look good.

Each year I begin the search anew and add pieces to my "cover this body up as stylishly as possible" arsenal. Last year I snagged some great swim shorts from target in both black and blue. They are a bit loose around the waistband area, but not horribly so. Frankly, that may not be an issue for everyone. I happen to fall on the end of the curvy scale with a size small waist and size large booty. This year I ordered this striped rashguard (with a SPF 50 rating) and these boy-short bottoms from Old Navy. The top is quite flattering. The bottoms are comfortable, but have a much lower rise than the pair from Target, so be advised.

Women's Striped Rashguard Swim Top in Black Stripe | Women's Mix & Match Boy-Short Bottoms in Ebony | Mossimo® Women's Mix and Match Swim Short -Indigo Night | H&M Braided Straw Bag | Forever21 Chunky Canvas Sandals

So what do you all think? Do you like the bag and sandals I've paired this up with? Do you have any super awesome full coverage swim suit resources? Do you have any super ultra extra long torso resources? Are you comfortable flaunting it all at the beach and pool? Are you more modest like me? Do you sometimes feel like a nut? Sometimes you don't? Do you think I should wear a red scarf around my neck with this suit and pretend to be a mime on the beach?