Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ColourPop Shadows & Pressed Pigments

Check out my first order from ColourPop Cosmetics! These shadows and pressed pigments are SO VIVID! I CAN NOT WAIT to try them all! All the exclamation points!!!!

ColourPop Cosmetics

Cruelty Free!
"Seriously, we are crazy proud of our bunny-approved, only tested on humans, products. We are the guinea pigs. We come to work makeup less, and by lunch have one blue eye and a shocker pink lip - cute right? We know we’re working hard when a date mentions after an awkward silence that we might want to do a quick makeup check... Yep, true story!"

FREE SHIPPING to the US on orders of $30 or more

What I bought:

Super Shock Shadow: Envy - $5 

Super Shock Shadow: Dare - $5

Super Shock Pressed Pigment: Slave2Pink - $5

Super Shock Shadow: Sunnies - $5

Super Shock Pressed Pigment: Glowstix - $5

Super Shock Pressed Pigment: Fizz - $5

Super Shock Shadow: Empire - $5

What do YOU think of these colors? Too bright? Just right? Hit me up on twitter and let me know what you think!