Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Inspiration #12 - moss green

Happy Sunday Dudes! Today I want to share some moss green inspiration with you.

Green is my favorite color and this earthy hue makes me feel centered. While I'm on the one hand a rock&roll city chick, I find myself most spiritual and at peace alone in some green space. Whether it be a walk in a park, a hike through a forest, or just sitting under a tree by the road, feeling grounded to this planet gives me at times an overwhelming sense of smallness and hits home how silly it is for such an insignificant piece of the puzzle to fret over silly things as I often do.

Moss green inspiration accessories via Real Simple | Moss green hippo planter via Etsy | Bunny planter with moss via Flickr | Statue covered in moss via Flickr | Handmade moss green cloche via Etsy | Tiny live terrarium necklaces via Etsy

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xoxox kat