Saturday, April 16, 2011

Adventures in Dressing Rooms

It's not often I have a day off and can leisurely shop in a mall, so when I do I take full advantage of it! Friday I had no plans for the morning so I drove on out to The Fashion Center at Pentagon City, Wheeeeee!!! Here are some cellphone shots of stuff I tried on.

This dress was super fun with all kinds of fluffy rufflies on the skirt. Unfortunately for me though the gathering around the armholes made me look ultra mega broad.
Football style. Not so hot.

This top (is not online, but this is the same material) was a super sad disappointment. On the hanger it was divine! Such a pretty pale pink hue and the print! I'm a sucker for anything bird. Buuut, it was so confusing, what I thought was a light loose top had all sorts of confusing bells and whistles. Ties on the shoulders (I think, they weren't tied on the hanger. What else would a random piece of fabric underneath a shoulder strap be?) a very unflattering twisty thing on the front, and a drawstring at the bottom.
I was sad... and confused... 

I've been seeing more and more of this "show your tummy" action. I can't do it. Maybe it's because I'm too old. It makes me feel like a tart-liscious hillbilly. Plus this shirt is totes see through. Although, had I thought to pair it with a fitted dress like they did, maybe I would have felt differently.

I really liked this shirt, funny though, in this picture it looks like I've got creepy gray nipples. I promise, I don't. I decided against it because I just didn't like the way it looked with dark pants. Maybe it would work well with a fitted peachy pale fitted skirt?

Aaaaand, Finally! We have a winner!

I promise to take better pictures of these for a future Today I Wore post!

After Macy's I was off to Forever21...
I bought this lovely lacy dress. I especially liked that the shell of the dress is peach, not nude. Forever21 says it's orange, it's not. It's definately peach. Regardless, the color really helps the pretty design on the lace stand out. Aaaand (bonus!) the length is great for me. Hip hip hooray for ladylike lengths!

And the Grand Finale! THIS is the dress I wanted to feature a while back and couldn't find online at Forever21. Well it's still not online, but it was in the store, TA DA!
Imagine my sadness that this was the last one in the whole store, and it is an XS. Le Sigh. I know you're probablly thinking, either
a) "Holy schnikies! How did she squeeze into an XS!?"
or b) "What's the problem? Looks like it fits to me..."
And in response to that I give you picture #2 of this darling dress...
It's a no go. I'm just too tall for the XS. And on top of that there is a big makeup smudge on the front. How sad... I do apparently have a nice lil' set-up though.

Thoughts? Opinions? Questions? Let me have it!