Saturday, April 9, 2011

ProjecTRONIK and recovery.

Okay, I promised I'd go into more detail about the fashion show I participated in on Thursday the 31st. I always think I'll leisurely blog on my weekend, until it gets to be the weekend and I barely have a moment to breathe it's so chock full of stuff to do! So, here we go....

After work on Thursday, I grabbed my suitcase full of shoes and other model necessities and rolled it on over to Quiznos for a quick dinner. Wouldn't have been my first choice of where to eat, but it was on the way and there was no line. It was good anyway, had a tastey ceasar salad and bread. yummmm.... Then it was off to the venue. Just like last year, we had too many models and not enough designers because of some no shows. Fortunately it all worked out in the end and everyone got at least one outfit and a few, me included (lucky meeee!!!!) got to wear two. The designers I got to wear were Messy Dress the balloon animal mavin and Vivcore's Candy Violet the british beauty and vintage vixen, check them out! Both have some ultra fantastic designs. Makeup was done by the lovely Tara Vozzella Larsen (I am totally obsessed with looking at her pictures, she is so divine!) And let me not forget the whole event was arranged by Kit of TRONIK.

Fun was had, here are the pics to prove it...

photos courtesy Tara Vozzella Larsen and Red Stockman

okay, now on to the recovery bit...

So I'm all packed up and ready to go home, Mr.Husband and I head out to our car and voila! Someone broke into our car. Fun! The front passagner  (aka my seat) window is smashed to bits and there is trash all over the car. Lucky for us we're not stupid, we're city life veterans and never leave anything in our car. So they got nothing and we got to pay to get our window fixed. Wheeee!! Not worth calling the cops since nothing was stolen so home we went. 

When we got home I started unpacking my bag so I could get my make-up remover out of my cosmetics bag and to my surprise it's not in my suitcase! Ugh, so I drove back to the venue, fortunately it's not that far from our house, to pick up my cosmetics and double surprise it's no where to be found. I looked high and low here and there. It was gone. Now I'm not talking a bag with some Covergirl basics, I'm talking a bag with every Mac and Nars eyeshadow I own, my Clinique foundation, my makeup remover, some of my Mac brushes, I would estimate about $800 worth of stuff. Cue, depression. I let Tony and Kit know, and Kit was super kind to make some phone calls for me to see if someone accidentally took it home. Shoulders slumped, I just got back in my cold car and went home. Once home I had to figure out how to get my makeup off with out makeup remover. Mission Impossible. So I scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed with a washcloth and my facewash and got most of it off. 

Friday I was on a quest to find what happened to my makeup. Everyone seemed totally on the up and up so I figured someone must have just accidentally taken my makeup home. A message to everyone involved and a few hours later I got a super excellent email. Someone had my bag! Luckily it was just a case of mistaken identity, It was a gift with purchase bag from Clinique so totally understandable. Whew. A brief chat and address exchange later, my makeup was in the mail on its way home. 

Friday night I sadly could not attend the ever fabulous Nicolette Le Faye's birthday party because there was glass all over our car and I wasn't about to drive to Baltimore with no window. Got some quality sleep in though, which was a nice consolation to missing her party. 

Saturday at work was uneventful. Saturday night however (now it's getting good) after dinner with McNasty and Mr.Husband I went to wash my face and what do I see?? (The begining of a very exhausting week that's what) A little cluster of red bumps next to my left eye and one little lonesone bump next to my right eye. Panic insues. Mr.Husband calms me down and gets me to sleep. 

Next morning I wake up to more red bumps and an eye swollen half shut. Ugh. I stayed home most of the day and sulked on the couch. 

Monday I was off to to doctors in the afternoon to get it checked out. She had no idea what it was, and recommended I go to a dermatologist. Next stop, school. What week is it in class? Oh yeah, it's the week I give a presentation about blogging, with a face rash and a swollen eye. Awesome. 

Tuesday, Dermatologist. She said it's an allergic reaction to something, which I kinda figured. Only thing is, I hadn't done anything different on Saturday. The only variation to my regular routine was washing off my makeup on Thursday. So who knows. Maybe it was because my skin was raw from scrubbing and was therefore susceptible to something. I dunno. Anyway, so I got a prescription and had to run to the metro in order to get to work on time. Oh yeah, did I mention I had to work this whole week? Me and my swollen spotted face. Soooo..... Mr.Husband came by after he got off work to drop my prescription off at Rite Aid, but then Rite Aid wouldn't fill it. I don't know the details on that I just know Mr.Husband said I had to take it to CVS instead. So after work I had to go pick it up and take it to CVS. CVS didn't have the meds though, they had to order it.....

End of story, I finally have the medicine and it is working great. I think by Monday my face will be almost completely back to normal. Whew. 

How was your week? :)