Friday, April 22, 2011

shoe designers, walks to work, and floral arrangements

 I kinda super love these shoes. Okay, I really super love these shoes. 
My partner in merchandising crime (okay maybe partner isn't quite right, more like boss. semantics...) Rod Glover got to playing on the Keds Website designing his own shoes. You can customize so many things, it's almost overwhelming, and a total time suck. No really, go play with it, 2 hours gone in the blink of an eye! Anyway Rod uploaded one of his paintings to put on the shoes and picked some great coordinating colors to really make everything POP! 
Oh yeah, did I mention that he's a fabulous artist for real? 
See his work HERE!

I've seen lots of local bloggers going image crazy with the Cherry Blossoms. While they are truly beautiful, I thought I'd show you what else in DC is photo worthy. This is just 4 shots of one block of my walk to work. Literally the whole walk is B.E.A.uuuuutiful. 
Almost every house has one thing or another blooming all spring and summer. 
Even the houses with over grown grass are full of flowering "weeds"

Last weekend while shopping for groceries these technocolor flowers were shouting at me. So in order to appease them I brought them home and arranged them in a little blue pot, which somehow I was able to completely hide in these shots. Sorry about that little blue buddy!

Looking forward to a nice chill weekend with Mr.Husband. What's on your agenda?