Monday, November 7, 2011

Rediculous Red

So you guys know I'm kinda loooooooney right? And that I tend to take things to the extreme... Like super extreme... Just wanted to remind you before I got going on this Rediculous Red Colorwheel Challenge. Oh yeah, and also, I clearly don't follow directions. G over at Tulle and Combat Boots started with orange. I started with red. Whateves!

So yeah. This is rediculous, Who in their right mind would pair all this nonsense together?
Oh wait, I guess that would be me.

Knit Beanie with Anchor Patch via Some super awesome mens shop in Hampden, Baltimore
50's Vintage Knit top via Uh, I can't remember, I've had it forever!
Skinny Jeans via Old Navy (Virginia)
Skinny Belt via Old Navy (Virginia)
Nine West Patent Leather Heels via Macys (Virginia)
Leather Clutch via Fluevog (web)

On my eyes:
Mac Lip Pencil in Redd
CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in Anemone
I colored in the lash line and crease with the pencil and then blended with the gloss balm.
On my lips:
Mac Lipstick in Russian Red

So this is a much more realistic way I'd wear red, but after looking at the photos, I think if I skipped the beanie and clutch, I could totally get away with wearing this all together!
What do you think?