Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adventures in Dressing Rooms - CapFABB Challenge

I don't do anything half ass, in fact I tend to go overboard. Case in point, the CapFABB leather Challenge! So you've already seen the "Good Girl", next up the dressing room! Also, don't forget to check out how other CapFABB bloggers styled leather.

I don't own a whole lot of leather clothing, just a few mini skirts and a jacket. I've been eyeing some leather pants at H&M for a while now, so I figured, perfect opportunity to try them. Well, they didn't have my size. Go fig. It worked out in the end though, I mean how often would I get the chance to wear faux leather pants? Instead I found this 70's inspired brown faux leather skirt. Layer it over a dress and throw on a shrug; Talk about super versatility! 

I tried (really really tried) to steer clear of the black leather, but it was irresistible. The shorts were reeeeeally sexy. Tooooooo sexy for me, but seriously super sexy. I really loved this jumper, but couldn't see myself getting much use out of it. And even though I have black leather skirts already, I had to buy this one. Hot as Shizzzz. 

After H&M I made a quick stop into Forever21. It's really hard to tell from this blurrrrry picture, but that terracotta top is a lightweight faux suede. It's really soft to touch, but just didn't work with that skirt. Honestly, it wasn't the shirts fault, that skirt was pretty ugly on me. 

Super loved the real leather blue mini, which is also available in red and black. It is long enough to not be concerned about your cheeks showing but still short enough to be sassy. 

I ended up buying this faux leather aviator jacket, it's super warm. Perfect for my trip to Europe this winter. Since I'll be there for 2 weeks and it will be hella cold, I've devised a plan: don't worry about bringing lots of fabulous outfits, just bring a suitcase full of fabulous outerwear! 

And now some questions...

  • how do YOU wear leather?
  • do you think those shorts are too sexy? something to note, I did NOT picture my fanny. I'll just reiterate that those shorts are SUPER sexy and Mr.Husband would love them...
  • ever been to Paris in the winter? Any suggestions for must do winter activities?