Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not so mellow yellow

So this is how you can tell
A) that it's Wednesday
B) that I don't normally post pictures of myself
C) that I'm not big on mornings

 All I can say is, I don't really smile like that. 
But really, I was "finding the light" as we say in the modeling industry and once it was found squinting and grimacing directly into it. No good. 

Anyway, moving right along...
It's much less painful when you don't stare directly into the sun.


Clearly today is YELLOW day for me in my colorwheel week with G over at Tulle and Combat Boots. I think she is going in reverse order from me (or more appropriately I didn't follow her directions!!) so I'm not positive what color she is on today. Oh well...

To the point, YELLOW! I love yellow. Funny thing though, it is highly under-represented in my wardrobe. Go fig.

What I pulled together for today is:

Blouse with Bow detail via H&M (Maryland)
Chunky knit scarf via Old Navy (Virginia)
Yellow Satchel via ASOS (web)

On my eyes:
MAC eye shadows in Chrome Yellow, Three Ring Yellow and Casa Blanca via MAC (Virginia)

Sadly my eyes didn't photograph well. I used the chrome in the corner and crease, three ring over the lid and casa blanca on the bottom lash line and in the tear duct. It's a subtle but pretty ombre effect. 

Also, just of note, I promise to practice taking better self portraits! Ha Ha!!