Sunday, April 15, 2012

This week in photos

Audrey SuperKitty napping out with me.

A pretty pink lily in the morning sunshine and a piece of cookie dough on my iPad...
It wasn't there for long. Nom nom nom...         

NYC skyline.

We could have been in Paris, Waffles from street vendors and crepes in NYC.

Dinner at Patsy's in NYC. I was scolded in Italian for not finishing my plate.
But I had to save room for family style tiramisu right?

NYC skyline in the evening.

I just love that in NYC you can find a vegetarian restaurant just about anywhere!

Mr.Husband has a synth shopping problem. It may even rival my shoe shopping problem.
So many vintage synthesizers, so little time....


Home again, home again jiggity jig.
Lilies at sunrise & Sleepy kitty determined to cuddle me where ever I go.
My neighbors to die for Iris (I so very much wish you could smell these!) & A thank you gift for my parents wrapped up in a baby baggu. Baggu's are the best for fun reusable giftwrap!