Monday, April 2, 2012

Mani Monday

It's Mani Monday! I always do my nails on Mondays before Blog Trends Chat on Twitter.
This week I was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest. I mean for real, tacos AND ombre?!?! Win Win:

I took it in a bit of a different direction changing the ombre from green to yellow as shown in this Pinspiration photo to blue to yellow. Being that I needed to buy a color for each nail I went the cheap route with nail polish this time picking up 5 bottles of SinfulColors from Target. They retail there in the stores for $1.99, but aren't available on Target's website. I've linked up the colors to Walgreens instead.

From left to right (thumb to pinky as it were):
Mint Apple 947
Rise And Shine 940 (just FYI this color dried quite matte, not glossy)
Happy Ending 946
Innocent 944
Pull Over 955 (this was a hand me down from a friend and doesn't appear to be available anymore?)

Just to note: I start my manicures with Sally Hansen's Triple Strong Nail Fortifier, two coats. Being that the SinfulColors are a lower priced varnish, they also are a bit of a lower quality than I am used to. Not horrible though! Definitely a reasonable quality for the reasonable price. They were relatively opaque, two thick coats will do the trick. They did however seem to not want to dry. No worries, I always use Orly's Sec 'n Dry Quick Deep-Dry Topcoat and you should too. Love it!