Friday, February 11, 2011

meh, bleh, blah...

Well, it's Friday. It's Fashion Week. It's cold. 
I'm in the dumps.

So sometimes I get all wrapped up in how fabulous other peoples lives are. I get grumblly, I get jealous, I get bitter. 
Now the nice logical side of my brain reminds me, "hey you, you silly jeally fool. those ladies worked hard to get where they are! keep on keepin on, you'll get there!" 
and then the poopie face emo side of my brain nags, "you're thirty. you'll never be a model. you'll never be at fashion week. you're blog is boring. oh yeah, you look like a boy and you need a hair cut, like 3 weeks ago. p.s. you have big feet." 

On mornings like these it takes all I have just to put on some jeans and a hat to cover up the reeeeediculousness of my hair right now.  Sometimes to cheer myself up I cruise the interwebs for photographers portfolios to get a little pick me up. This morning I came across Corrie Bond and love love love these two shoots. Besides the obvious fact that they have super lovely models, super lovely photographer and super lovely stylists, I think they are particularly appealing because of the super lovely locations! 
All the flowers and sunshine! I am in ultra mega major flower/sunshine withdrawl.

To see where I snagged these photos from and for more photos by Corrie Bond check her out HERE!!