Friday, February 4, 2011

weekend insanity!

Normally I would like to think of the weekend as a time for relaxation, but this weekend is all about scheduling! Tonight right after work is the ModCloth party at Chief Ikes, then out to Virginia to do some last minute flyering for Cryfest. Tomorrow morning, rise and shine early so I can look presentable for the Belle-Aires competition. It'll be the first twirling competition (twirling!) I've been to in like 20 million years (in normal human time that equals about 10 years). Mom and I are going to see new babies and old friends. Then should be a lovely afternoon with Mom (aka the birthday girl!), lunch and shopping? lunch and a movie? We'll see! Then off to Michaels or JoAnns for some floral foam, then to Trader Joe's for oodles and oodles of cut flowers. Race home to grab some dinner before heading out to the Black Cat for Cryfest (You're coming right?) Set up all the visuals, change into a party outfit, and dance dance dance for a couple hours. Then head home early (well early for me, i'm normally at our DJ nights for the duration, gettting home around 3:30am) to get some sleep so I can wake up bright and early for (drum roll pleeeease) Heb's baby shower! Drive from this city to that city pick up the guest of honor go to the venue, commence flower arranging! Breathe... and enjoy myself.

Whew... fingers crossed everything stays on schedule. Anyway, on to styling! Since the ModCloth party is tonight, I thought I'd do another focus on their fab selection.