Thursday, February 3, 2011

modcloth mania

ModCloth is coming to DC to party in honor of The Written Wardrobe! Swing on by Chief Ikes tomorrow night from 7-10. There is no cover, but it is 21+ (sorry kiddies!), and rumor has it there may be some free drinks if you come early. Unfortunately I can't make it early, but I'll be there eventually. Are you going? Find me and say hi, I promise I won't bite your head off (in the past i have been known to be quite frigid when strangers approach me at clubs, it's just a defense mechanism, sorry if you have ever been one of those friendly ladies. but fear not! i'm turning over a new leaf of niceness! i will be friendly just like you! maybe we can even take a picture for post-age on this here blog here, ya hear?) Anyway, in honor of the Pennsylvanians traveling south to party in the nation's capital, here are some of my current favorite party dresses from none other than ModCloth itself!