Monday, May 16, 2011

Fluevog, day late dollar short.

I had hoped to share this with you on Friday, so you could partake in the goodness that was International Fluevog Day, but sadly blogger was still MIA when I tried to post...

"Fluevog Day is an international affair that challenges us all to be better Fluevogers, teachers, lovers and neighbours. And like a lost tumbleweed, rolling down a snowy hill spreading and growing, Fluevog Day breeds Fluevogianism via the facilitation of Fluevogers and friends of Fluevogers. So find your fair Fluevog city listed below and see which wonderful merchants are offering an official Fluevog Day Deal to you... the Fluevoger behind the Fluevog. And thanks as always to our awesome partners who helped create this mercantile love affair."

You see, not only were the Fluevog website and Stores offering discounts and freebies, but they had a whole list of friends of Fluevog, hotels, record shops, magazines, also offering discounts just for International Fluevog Day! How cool is that!? 

It takes a certain amount of self confidence (or maybe a bit of insanity, you be the judge) to pull off a pair of Fluevogs. Personally, I'm about 50/50 on my love for their lady shoes. I either L.O.V.E. them and must have them and sometimes cry that i can't afford them or even worse, you see them in the boston store while in town for a wedding but dont have the $400 to buy them and when you go online they no longer have them in my size so you send emails to all the stores asking if they have any left, no not the knee high ones with the back lacing the mid calf ones with the front lacing and the goat hoof heel but no one has them and they cannot manufacture them any longer because the mold was stolen from their warehouse and it was the only mold John made and he isn't going to make another so he emails you to apologize and you are like holy crap John Fluevog just sent me and email to apologize that i can't get the grand national boots....

Woah, sorry. I've got some Fluevog baggage clearly.

So I was saying, for me I either love them, or I really don't like them. He does some whacky weird heels sometimes that I just find unappealing. But right now, he's on a roll with some aaaaaaahhhmazing 40's inspired shoes. I want. I die. Divine.