Thursday, May 12, 2011

Miz Mooz

This is why I think more websites should show shoes on an actual foot. I was looking for some skinny strappy gold sandals. Now all I can think about is this pair of shoes. Not to say that I wouldn't have noticed these gems without this photo, but this photo is what is making me question how I can live without them. No really, tell me, How can I live without these!?!

Anywhay... A while back my bff Heb introduced me to Miz Mooz. I think it may have been PB for me and definitely PB for her (pre-blog / pre-baby) I can't say that I've ever owned a pair of Miz Mooz, therefore can't really speak on their comfort or durability, but I'm totes into their colors and semi-retro style. Plus (those sneaky designers) many styles come in a selection of colorways making it hard to resist buying the same shoe in, oh i dunno, 3 colors? Okay, I'll be reasonable, maybe only 2. maybe...