Sunday, May 15, 2011

a weekend in photos

and Company Flowers to visit friends and pick a sweet handful of flowers

On the way home out of the corner of my eye I spied... a giant picture of me!

I sorta kinda knew about this. Joshua Yospyn snapped this photo of me during one of the huge snow storms that hit DC. He had let me know it was in an exhibition at the DC Convention Center, but I had kinda figured it was an 8x10 in a sea of other photographs. Another fantastic photographer friend, Jim Darling (he's got a shot up there too!), had even asked me months ago if I had seen the exhibit and I had to embarrassingly tell him I knew of it, but had yet to go check it out. Well I hadn't thought of it since then really, until this weekend when I just so happened to glance to my left and holy smokes! Giant me face!


(p.s. coat via H&M 2009, sweater - red tank - red belt (they only have pink online) all via OldNavy, Always skinny jeans via Gap)

At home Audrey entertained me buy sorting through my collection of gowns. She cracks me up, I wish I had thought to video this.

It's Sunday evening now, Mr.Husband is in the living room rockin' out after being super handy hanging a new curtain rod in my dressing room and installing a new light in the kitchen. Note how artfully the guitar cable is draped over Audrey's flower bed. Very rock-n-roll.

and Miss BabyAudreySuperkitty and I are in bed, her taking a much needed nap after a day full of cat kind of stuff, and me? Well duh, I'm blogging but as I wrap this up I've got a cup of tea and Solar by Ian McEwan on my bedside table waiting to be picked up.

How did the weekend treat you my lovelies?