Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carhenge, Nebraska

Back in June Mr.Husband and I took a road trip out to Colorado to visit his brother, our neices, and my super #1 sister in law. We took SO MANY photos, I'm still sorting through them all! Today I finally got to one of my favorite photo ops in our whole trip...

Carhenge is in Alliance, Nebraska and Mr.Husband was super stoked to check it out. So was I once we pulled up to their little parking lot. It was beauuuuutiful outside! The winds were blowing the tall grasses. The clouds were racing by; the lowering sun making an appearance and dipping behind the race again. It was a truly epic American countryside experience.

We got lucky and the gift shop we thought would be closed at 5 was actually still open! We ran in to get some postcards and a t-shirt and had a lovely chat with Erin, Carhenge expert. Okay, I don't know that that is officially her title, but that's what i am dubbing her as. We struck up a conversation when she commented on my bag...

One of my favorite vintage finds from our trip! 

She was super friendly and helped quell our growing fear of TORNADOS! You see, I have no idea what county is where in Nebraska, I just know I'm in Nebraska. So listening to the radio and having our music interrupted every 15 minutes with updates as to where the tornado is on the ground at that moment and what counties its headed toward is none too helpful.

First she cleared up what to do when your driving and you see a tornado, which was good cause heck if I knew what to do (you get outta your car and chill out in the closest ditch by the way) and second she assured us we didn't have to worry, they weren't right here right now. Whew!

If you ever road trip out that way, I highly recommend stopping by. It was cool to see, fun to take pictures of and Erin was super friendly and helpful! (Hi Erin!)

Tights: Hue via Macys (DC)
Wedges: BCBG courtesy Piperlime 

P.S. The Vintage Haberdashery was the BEST vintage shop in our whole trip. AMAAAzing finds there. And great prices to boot! I highly highly recommend stopping by if you are ever in the area.