Friday, August 12, 2011

Adventures in Dressing Rooms!

I love a shopping mall. All by myself. On a weekday. Glorious!

Here's what I tried on my last Forever21 play date...

I really liked this doll dress. Had to look myself straight in the eyes and question, "Katie. How many lace babydoll dresses do you need. Really. You have several already. Step awaaaaaaay from the dress."

Okay, so this dress. This dress I wanted. So prefect for transitioning from summer to fall. Typically though this F21 gem is micro short on my 6 foot frame. So Sad! 

Great print, right!?

Sweet Kimono inspired dress.

Aaaaaaand, for giggles. I knew in my heart that this was ridiculous, but I had hoped that it could translate 60's party girl with the right styling. It could, buuuuut, my buttttt was hanging out the back. Oh well.