Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Olney, Illinois

Yes, that is a white squirrel. Yes, that is Mr.Husband attempting to take it's picture.

According to the ranger in Olney, Illinois, "those squirrels are friendly and should come right up to you" I think maybe he's never met a DC squirrel. DC squirrels will come sit on your shoe, eat out of your hand, pose for tourists, play checkers with you on the sidewalk... These white squirrels, they wanted nothing to do with us. It was pretty awesome watching Mr.Husband play merry-go-round-the-tree trying to get a good closeup picture though. (Sorry for the grainy shot. Mr.Husband had the camera, so I had to way zoom on my cell phone)



Gone. Up to a nice tall tree not near us pesky tourists.
While they weren't the friendliest of squirrels, we were still pretty excited to see so many of these fluffy white beauties prancing around the park. And man oh man did they prance. Ever seen a Pepe le Pew cartoon? Know how he has that bouncing floaty kind of thing going on? These white squirrels looked just...like...that!

Anywhay, it was rainy and a bit on the chilly side for June so forgive me my sweater and shoes...

Boyfriend Sweater - OldNavy (Virginia)
Mod Nautical Dress - ModCloth (web)
Me Too Flats - Off Broadway (Maryland)

It was going so well... but surrrriously, I can't help myself. I just goof off. Like all the time.

I know. That face. Like a freaking crazy woman.

And I raaaan, I ran so far awaaaaaay. I just raaaaaan. I ran all night and daaaaaay.

I couldn't get away.

What? I just love me some eighties music. Haha!

Happy Tuesday! 
xoxo kat