Thursday, August 25, 2011

DC fashion at Violet

Last night was another DCFABB meetup! Wheeeee!! This time around it was at a boutique in Adams Morgan called Violet Boutique. Heads up ladies, DANGER ZONE!! Super cute clothes and accessories at totally awesome prices. Seems everything there was less than $60! Aaaand it was all AWEsome!! So clearly I'm excited, how many exclamation points so far? Eight.

First up: The Shop...

Hellloooooo Mustard Yellow! So my favorite color right now.

Do we need to talk about this bag? Or can I just say "ohmagoshthisbag." I'm an Aztec Goddess.

More yellow and some pretty coral too, both super perfect hues for transition from summer to fall.

I want THIS!! wa.ha.haaaaant.

hello neon pink. i love you.

Now on to the ladies...

Cutie Patootie Gina of Tulle & Combat Boots

Hottie Alina of The Feast and TheHyperbalist

Katalina of The You Finder and Libby designer of Diament Jewelry.

Some shoes I was enamored with...

And maybe, just maybe my favorite moment of the entire night. Here's the play by play:

Alina is at the register checking out, but wait! 
Lacey calls to her, how could Alina have missed this tunic!?

Alina has a moment: "OMBRE!" "ONE SHOULDERED" are you kidding me!!!
Leggy Lacey: i know. for real. it's you.

Okay, I may have just put words in their mouths. Next time I'll make sure to have a tape recorder.
Err, I mean mp3 recorder. um, nevermind... 

Oooops! I've been caught. Put down that camera paparazzo!
And yes, that is an epic, amazing, super major neon green clutch. Lacey, I'm freakin out.