Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Adventures in Dressing Rooms - Kmart

I stopped into Kmart on Monday to buy some weedkiller for my garden. Exciting right? The checkout lines were a little long, so I decided I would peruse the clothing section rather than just stand and wait. To my surprise they actually had a lot of items that were totally fashionable! So I filled up my cart and headed to the dressing rooms. Here's what I tried:

I really liked this top! It's a nice mid-weight knit. With the leaf design on the front is open and airy; it would be totally fine even through the hot days of summer. It's shorter in the front but not too cropped and has a nice drape to the back. 

Attention Women's Animal Print Blouse
I also loved this top! It's a lightweight polyester with a colorful spots from a leopard of some rainbow variety. It falls a couple inches below the low rise waist line of my Gap Always Skinny Jeans. It would be completely appropriate for work or play and easy to dress up for evening. 

Attention Women's Animal Print Blouse
Same as the previous top but in a different colorway. This one is a black base with cool colors. Think rainbow snow leopard. Meeeeeeow.

This top was comfy, and I love the lemony yellow color, but really dislike the open back. The grey tank is attached to the chiffon blouse. Way too over-designed for my taste. Too bad though, the yellow chiffon was just lovely. 

Another top that would transition great from work to play to evening. Pretty shape, nice length, fun springtime color, nice lightweight feel. My only complaint is there is elastic around the bottom of the arms that was a little tight and itchy even on my skinny arms. 


Again, another lovely lightweight polyester top perfect for work to play to evening. 

These flare-leg jeans hug your hips and bottom comfortably with a slightly stretchy denim. I would call the waistline mid rise. The legs are tapered in to the knees with a generous flare to the ankle.
While these jeans aren't bad, they were a no go for me. Here's the deal: The Sofia by Sofia Vergara collection seems to be designed to REALLY accentuate your va va va voom figure. For me it was just a little too much. My round booty doesn't need any design assistance to be accentuated. If you really really really want people to stare at your fanny though, these jeans are for you! Also, they just weren't long enough for my legs, for most people the length would be totally fine. 

Great Tomato Red color!! These cotton shorts have just enough stretch for comfort and are the perfect length for those of us who aren't tarty teens. Probably about a 5 inch leg, not too short not too long. The design is perfect for those who like preppy or contemporary lines. Very Gap slash JCrew-esque.

Attention Maxi Dress

This maxi was too short for me, but it was nice and comfy. It would work for lots of different body types. The skirt has quite a bit of fabric so even if you are bottom heavy, it would still fit. Does a great job hiding a little belly too. 

Glo Juniors' Curvy Crop Pant

Hellooooooo sweet cheeks! I'm not so sure how I feel about the little flare at the cuff, I'm a fan of skinny legs all the way, but the more I think about these capri's the more I think I should go back and get them. I tend to favor capris and cropped pants over shorts even in the hottest days of summer since I'm so leggy. They just feel more age appropriate to me.

And here they are again in blue. I should get both dontcha think??

Bottom line, if you have a moment, you should give Kmart a go! I was totally blown away. Lots of pieces I could very easily work into my day to day wardrobe. And (bonus!!) almost everything was 30% off. Pretty Awesome.

So which are your favorites? Should I go back and pick up the colorful capris?