Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Apology.

My dearest dearhearts,

Please accept this humble apology for my lack of posting. I try hard to get at minimum 5 posts up a week, but alas sometimes I just can't. Here's the scoop: I'm working full time, I'm in school full time, I manage the social media for Blog Trends Chat, I have a husband and a cat who both demand snuggles, I'm part of FYM Productions, and (duh) I've got this here lovely blog to manage as well. While normally I can handle all this (don't ask how, it just happens!) the past couple weeks I've been struggling to keep my head above water because of (dun dun dunnnnnn...) FINALS. Ugh.

Totally how I felt in my programing and algorithms final...

Finals all went well... well let me say I got A's and didn't pull ALL the hair out of my head. I did manage however to destroy my nails (nibble nibble). I should be getting back on my blogging game in a couple days. I just need a few days to myself to recover.

One thing I am a little bummed about is in the midst of it all we missed Today I Want's bloggeriversary... blogiversary...blogvery... birthday! We're officially in year number 3! Pretty exciting right? You know what's even more exciting? To thank you all for sticking with me I've got a KILLER giveaway coming up. You won't want to miss it. No really, it's gonna be amazing. So check back. Soon. *wink wink* 

I appreciate you all!

xoxox kat