Thursday, March 8, 2012

Topshop - Mix it up!

One day, as I've said before, I will have the tech savvy to be able to make this kind of post interactive. Sadly, I'm not there yet, so use your imagination. Ready..... GO!

Okay, imagine:
the lilac purse with the lime dress and the yellow shoes...
the pink ring with the pink shoes and the coral dress...
the lime dress with the blue ring and the pink shoes...
the lilac purse with the blue ring and the peach purse...

I was just about to say that the possibilities are endless, but then the nerd in me said well, not really. They are finite. If you consider that there are three dresses, three shoes, three purses... Then the grown up me interrupted and said hey nerd, stop with the math and get ready for work.

What can I say, I'm easily sidetracked. What combo would you make with these options?

Sleeveless Lace Dress in Lilac - Lime - Coral
Coloured Skull Ring in Pale Pink - Cream - Pale Blue
Leather Colour Block Purse in Mint - Peach - Lilac
Macarena Peeptoe Leather Shoes in Yellow - Pink - Mint