Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gap Yellow Legging Jeans

I'm trying to save some money (what's new right? it's a vicious cycle) so hadn't been on one of my very most favorite companies sites in quite some time... The Gap Family... I know I've talked about my love affair with them many times before, but here's a quick recap. 

I want you all. In a naughty sexy way (oh not YOU readers, no offense, "you" the Gap Family). I love all that you are and all that you will ever be. I love that you are always there for me, whether I've got $10 or $1000 to spend; you've got my back. You're like my best friends Heather and Kristen but I can wear you. Okay, maybe not exactly like them, but I can always depend on you.

so I'm a freak

Anyway, back to the story, I went on their site this morning and now have a nice long list of items to buy. Check out this adorable ensemble from Gap and Piperlime. Fun - FUn - FUN bright citrus skinnies mellowed out a bit by this "I'm so casual I'm chic" fog colored sweater and some beyond fabulous accessories from my besties over at Piperlime. 
(Hey Piperlime, is it cool that I've elevated our relationship to BFF? 
Let me know I've got a half heart "best friends" charm to send you)