Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Head to toe Piperlime

I ... LOVE ... THIS ... DRESS
Where the heck would I wear it? Let's see, I'd wear this to a midnight pool party in California with a buttload of celebrities and St. Germain cocktails (hopefully there would be food too cause this girl loves to get her chow on, discreetly of course, wouldn't want all those skinny celebrities to think I'm a pig, even though I'd be piggin out... .... ...i digress...)

I think these earrings are a super rad compliment to the dress. I dig how they sort of emulate the triangles on the top and even how it blouses out at the waist. These shoes are pretty out of character for me, but I think you really need something delicate and subtle with this dress so not to distract. 

Okay, now where can I get a plane ticket to LAX for cheap...